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A Strategy For Education Estates: Sustainability And Climate Change:

heat pumps for education estates

As the government pushes for rapid adoption of net zero, the brunt of early development will inevitably fall to the government-funded public sector, in the latest policy paper, the government has outlined a strategy for education estates to address climate change and sustainability. The government has set a vision for the United Kingdom to be … Read more

Rooftop Solar – now is the time to act

rooftop solar panels from Adveco

Rooftop Solar – now is the time to act Rooftop solar has hit the headlines with the publishing of the REPowerEU strategy by the European Commission.  Incorporating three main elements – energy savings, diversification of energy supplies and accelerated roll-out of renewable energy, the Commission is proposing an increase in its target for renewables to … Read more

Adveco FUSION Named 2022 Heat Pump Awards Finalist

FUSION Heat Pump Award Finalist

Commercial hot water specialist Adveco has been named as a finalist in the 2022 National ACR & Heat Pump Awards for its FUSION FPH-S range of low carbon, all-electric, packaged hybrid hot water systems “To be named as a finalist for the second year running is already quite the achievement for the company,” said David O’Sullivan, … Read more

Adveco Launches The GL Family Of Hot Water Cylinders

Commercial hot water specialist Adveco launches the GL family of low-cost cylinders with a selection of off-the-shelf vessels for commercial hot water (DHW) projects requiring direct electric heating, buffer storage, indirect heating or preheat. A wide range of low-cost commercial storage tanks and calorifiers Direct electric, buffer storage, indirect heating & preheat for hot water … Read more

Keeping Hot Water Flowing

keeping hot water flowing commercial buildings

Keeping hot water flowing is critical in the commercial sector, where domestic hot water (DHW) appliances will be subjected to extremely hostile conditions, with high temperatures, thermal stress and flue gas condensate on the combustion side and oxygen, minerals and chemical attacks leading to potential corrosion on the waterside. Given this harsh daily treatment, regular … Read more