Adveco Named Finalist in the 2023 HVR Awards

  • Live Metering shortlisted for 2023 HVAC Initiative of The Year Award
  • Adveco FUSION E & T Range named finalist in the HVR 2023 Commercial Heating Product of the Year

Adveco is proud to announce it has once again been named finalist in the 2023  HVR Awards.  Named finalist in the HVAC Initiative of The Year and Commercial Heating Product of the Year categories, Adveco once again demonstrates its dedication to driving the innovation and sustainability of water heating applications for commercial buildings.

The 2023 HVR Awards (Heating & Ventilation Review) celebrate the products, brands, businesses, and people that have led the way with their innovation and unrivalled levels of excellence, inducting them into the prestigious HVR Awards ‘Hall of Flame’.

Challenged with supporting gas replacement programmes Adveco developed a process to live meter hot water demands of existing systems to enable accurate replacements to be designed. This approach would enable Adveco to provide the most feasible system design that demonstrates predicted carbon reductions, optimises capital investment, and allows for accurate calculation of future operational costs. The process of Live Metering has proven to be an extremely cost-effective method for generating proof of concept for the greenlighting of decarbonisation work as part of immediate net zero strategies, earning it recognition as a finalist in the HVAC Initiative of The Year category.

Adveco FUSION packaged water heating system has been completely redesigned from the ground up to provide four new models with pre-sized variants which deliver low-carbon all-electric systems for commercial projects.

FUSION makes use of familiar technology that is relatively simple and quick to install, and easy to maintain, and enables it to be combined and operated in the most efficient way possible. As an all-electric system, FUSION has been conceived as a more sustainable approach to securing hot water whilst addressing familiar issues of water quality, cost of acquisition, cost of operation and system longevity.

Supplying a range of lower-carbon options for commercial projects requiring domestic hot water for sink and basin-led demands the system has a broad application across commercial markets and public sector organisations seeking to invest in new or replacement systems that can help deliver on sustainability targets today.  This product innovation earned Adveco, in the Commercial Heating Product of the Year category, its second finalist selection.

“The vision for, and execution to market of both our Live Metering service and the completely new generation of FUSION electric water heating systems highlight what we, as a company, do best. Listen to our customers and develop the tools and systems to best meet their fast-changing needs for sustainable hot water,” said David O’Sullivan, managing director, Adveco. “Being named finalist once again in the HVR awards demonstrates the advantages of Adveco’s independent approach to innovation, delivering fast-to-market, low-carbon, cost-effective responses as we all work to achieve net zero. It’s a great accolade for the entire team to be recognised for their dedication and effort in meeting new sustainability challenges.”

The winners of the 2023 HVR Awards will be announced on October 5th, and we commend all the finalists.