Valuable Energy Savings and Reduced Emissions For Hotels, Restaurants and Leisure Estates

From accommodation to kitchens, spas, and swimming pools, hotels, restaurants and leisure estates generate a wide range of electrical and heating demands. These can be constant, significant but also varied, especially in terms of hot water and heating usage pattern. Adveco brings almost 50 years off experience serving the education industry with hot water, heating and power that maximise contribution to a building's overall efficiency.

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Micro-cogeneration for Hotels and Leisure Estates

Adveco's Totem m-CHP (combined heat and power) is the perfect response when there is a large and continuous demand for heating, hot water, and power. Spas and swimming pools, in particular, are a perfect application for cogeneration. As are large accommodation buildings where the majority of energy consumption is attributed to domestic hot water. With increasing concerns over the impact of  NOX emissions on localised air quality, Totem m-CHP offers the lowest emissions available from any reciprocating engine and lower NOX emissions than a condensing gas boiler, for a clean, cost-effective alternative to other renewable technologies.

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