Valuable Energy Savings and Reducing Emissions For Healthier More Cost-Effective Care

Hospitals, health centres and care homes, like all residential applications, will typically exhibit a continuous electrical demand alongside a significant, but varied, hot water and heating usage pattern. Adveco brings almost 50 years off experience serving the care industry with hot water, heating and power that maximise contribution to a building's overall efficiency.

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Adveco heating for hospitals and care homes

Micro-cogeneration for health estates

The Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) for NHS England and Public Health England, ranked combined heat and power (CHP) as the third most efficient out of 35 proven measures that could achieve cost savings and reduce carbon emissions across trusts in the UK. Of the 18 energy saving measures reported, CHP was seen to provide the highest annual potential cost savings - £26.4m - enough to fund the salaries of more than 1,200 newly qualified registered nurses.

Even with emissions calculated at a much higher rate that Adveco's Totem m-CHP which offers the lowest emissions available from any reciprocating engine and lower NOX emissions than a condensing gas boiler, the SDU still estimates CHP has the potential to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 3,750 tonnes per year, which equates to the environmental benefit of removing 1,250 cars from the road.


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