Adveco Ltd:

Adveco Ltd. was established in 2015 as the sister company to Adveco (AWP) Ltd., who trade as A.O. Smith Water Heaters and has been the UK supplier of A.O. Smith products and services through a partnership lasting over 45 years. By branching out to provide an increased product offering, Adveco Ltd. is an experienced supplier of high quality bespoke heating and hot water systems that include the low-carbon and renewable technologies.

Experience within the building services industry, including 10 years supplying complete solar hot water packages, has made Adveco Ltd. appreciate that the coordination of equipment and controls is the most complicated aspect of modern application design. Adveco Ltd. are proud to offer complete and practical heating and hot water solutions from a single source of supply. This leads to the concept of the Adveco Plantroom: Advanced heating and hot water systems with renewable and low-carbon technologies working together seamlessly in the most efficient manner possible.

Adveco Ltd. believe that the common, automated approach to application sizing is not sufficient in an industry where efficiency and cost-effectiveness is key. As a result, Adveco take pride in offering fully bespoke, hands-on application design wherein highly experienced and qualified engineers consider each and every system personally, with clear communication and cooperation with clients at all times. The combination of high quality products and professional sizing with Adveco Ltd.’s provision of full aftersales support, including maintenance and servicing, commissioning, spares and technical support, result in the delivery of bespoke, practical, highly efficient systems that prioritise the needs of the client without the complication of multiple suppliers.

An overview of Adveco Ltd.’s primary products and services can be found by clicking here to view and download the Adveco Ltd. Product Overview. Alternatively, please feel free to browse our website or contact us for more information.

Adveco Benelux Expansion


Adveco Ltd. open a second European sales office in Zaventum, Belgium.

A.O. Smith Innovo


Adveco (AWP) Ltd. introduces the A.O. Smith Innovo condensing gas water heater, and Instano wall-hung condensing gas boiler ranges.

Adveco Benelux


Adveco Ltd. expands operations to Europe with the opening of a sales office located in Amsterdam.

TOTEM Energy s.r.l.


Adveco Ltd. enters into an exclusive U.K. distribution agreement with Totem Energy s.r.l. for the supply of the TOTEM CHP.

Buffers and Calorifiers


Adveco Ltd. introduce the MSS, MST, and SSB, SSI, SST ranges of heating and hot water vessels to the U.K.

Adveco Ltd.


Adveco Ltd. is established as a sister-company to Adveco (AWP) Ltd., providing supplementary products to complete the company offering.

Office Expansion


The company expands its Farnborough premises to include the adjoining building, doubling their floor space.

A.O. Smith Solar Thermal


The A.O. Smith Solar Thermal hot water system is launched in the U.K.

Adveco (AWP) Ltd.


Advance Services (Sales) Ltd. rebrands itself to Adveco (AWP) Ltd. The company still operates under the trade name A.O. Smith Water Heaters.

Farnborough Office


Advance Services relocate to their current premises in Farnborough, Hampshire.

Daniel O’Sullivan Retires


Daniel O’Sullivan retires from Advance Services.

David O’Sullivan as Managing Director


David O’Sullivan becomes the Managing Director of Advance Services

Trading as A.O. Smith Water Heaters


Advance Services adopts the trade name A.O. Smith Water Heaters, and becomes the sole representative and supplier of A.O. Smith in the U.K.

David O’Sullivan Joins


David O’Sullivan joins Advance Services to follow in the footsteps of his father Daniel, and progressed quickly to the role of Sales Director.

Boiler Range Develops


With the direct entry of Ferroli to the U.K. market, Advance Services begin supplying Pensotti boilers.

Expanding Boiler Range


Advance Services begins supplying Ferroli and Högfors boiler models to the UK market.

A.O. Smith Distributors


Advance Services is officially acknowledged as U.K. distributors of A.O. Smith products.

A.O. Smith Introduction


Advance Services created an agreement with A.O. Smith for the import and distribution of the first ever direct gas-fired water heaters in the UK, thus pioneering the technology which still dominates the commercial water heating market.

Weybridge Office


Weybridge Office

Advance Services (Sales) Ltd. relocate to Weybridge, Surrey.

Company Founded


Company Founded

Advance Services (Sales) Ltd. is founded by Daniel O’Sullivan as an interparts stockist and service provider with offices located in New Malden and Manchester.   The company begins supplying packaged hot water systems to the U.K. laundrette industry featuring Potterton Diplomat glass-lined boilers and galvanised steel tanks.