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Accommodating a Modern Commercial Hot Water System

Provisioning a modern, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable business critical hot water and heating system is not necessarily straight forward for some sites. They may be limited in terms of existing plant room space, or in the case of much older buildings, have no dedicated plant room space at all. Other sites may face limitations in terms of when work can actually be carried out on site. If a works window is especially narrow it can preclude larger scale project work.

At Adveco, we have a deep experience of designing and supplying fully bespoke commercial hot water, heating and cogeneration of power and heat systems across numerous vertical markets and to all kind of new build and refurbishment projects.

When a project faces the kinds of limitations outlined, one answer is to make use of an external plant room to relocate essential building services, increasing the availability of valuable internal areas.

Adveco Packaged Plant Room truck delivery.As a packaged plant room is prefabricated off-site, with all appliances, controls and ancillaries pre-fitted and connected – using stainless steel (heating) or copper (DHW) crimp pipework – as standard, we can drastically reduce on-site labour demands and deliver rapid progression of project timescales.

Fit for purpose

Packaged plant room.Adveco will size, design, and manufacture to order enclosures made from reinforced weatherproof GRP with a steel base and checker plate floor suitable for placement beside or on top of buildings with a flat roof space. When delivered to the project location, the plant room can be simply craned into position and just requires flues, external pipework and final electrical connections to be completed.

Adveco additionally offers final commissioning services and warranty servicing on the appliances for assured longevity of operation.

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