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Adveco Named 2020 H&V News Awards Finalist

Commercial hot water and heating specialist, Adveco’s HR001 Heat Recovery Unit has been named as a finalist in the commercial HVAC product of the year category of the 2020 Heating & Ventilation News Awards.

The HR001 connects between fridge and freezer condenser units and a hot water installation. Perfect for commercial organisations that make use of large chiller or refrigeration technology as part of their day to day operations, such as restaurants and large-scale catering facilities in hotels, schools or universities and retailers holding frozen stock. The HR001 utilises the waste heat generated by the compressor to indirectly pre-heat the incoming mains within a hot water installation and is capable of achieving temperatures as high as 50°C.

HR001 Heat Recovery Unit. from Adveco - Specialists in commercial hot water systems.

David O’Sullivan, managing director, Adveco, said:

“To have our expertise in commercial heating recognised in this way is a win for the entire Adveco family which has worked so hard to make the HR001 Heat Recovery Unit a success. It is a terrific confirmation of the quality of products Adveco prides itself on bringing to UK commercial heating and hot water projects.

The HR001 Heat Recovery Unit is a key component for many of the bespoke applications we create for our customers, applications that almost everyone in the UK will interact with or benefit from during their lives, from washing hands in a school or restaurant, showering in a hotel, to being warm on a hospital ward.”

Comparing both gas and electric system installations of the HR001 demonstrate weekly heat recovery averaging at 155 kWh/week per site. Customers therefore not only save money by recovering “free” heat, but this saved energy means less overall power demands and reduced emissions across all sites.

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