Installing the right heating and power system in your school, college or university will help you achieve cost-effectiveness, longevity, reliability and durability. It’s important that you invest in the right product, one that can offer you quality throughout its lifespan.   

At Adveco our professionals have been working hard to have a range of diverse options suitable for educational establishments of all shapes and sizes. We have a combined heat and power system in the form of the TOTEM, which is a powerful micro cogenerator capable of offering high efficiency and low emissions.

Why install our combined heat and power CHP system with Adveco?

  • Bespoke systems: We work our high-quality systems around your specific needs. This depends on the electrical demands your buildings are expected to reach during the year.
  • Cogeneration benefits: There are plenty of reasons cogeneration is a trusted venture for many schools and colleges across the UK and Europe. The ability to cater for both heating and power requirements at once allows the system to stand up to the wide-ranging needs of any building.
  • Most efficient systems: The TOTEM CHP system we offer for schools, colleges and many more across the UK and Europe is regarded as one of the most efficient systems on the market, offering the best support for your specific needs.

To discover more about combined heat and power options at Adveco, speak with our team today.