The combination of two things will hopefully mean an improvement in energy efficiency and a reduction in the cost of your building’s bills each month. This can be said of our micro-combined heat and power generators which are ideal for a wide range of buildings of various sizes, outputs and energy needs.

At Adveco we are trusted as a reputable suppler of these micro combined heat and power generators across the UK and are able to source the finest products from across the market to suit your requirements.

Why choose Adveco for micro combined heat and power generators?

We can show off and display our quality selection of generators via the latest and most energy efficient product available: The TOTEM micro-cogenerator. This vitally important product is packed full of features to keep your bills down, ensure you add a green product to your building and help to improve the energy efficiency all in one. Providing combined heat and power generation, the TOTEM micro-cogenerator features a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles fire engine and Magneti Marelli engine control unit. This cooperation is one of the many reasons why the TOTEM can boast its standing as a product with the lowest emissions currently available in the UK.

If you would like to discuss your options and find out why our micro combined heat and power generators are ideal for your building, speak with our team at Adveco today.