The reality for many schools and colleges across the UK is that every penny invested in one area takes away from another. The pot of money is not endless, and this makes any purchase absolutely vital for the short and long-term objectives of a school.

At Adveco we have become a leading service for schools and colleges looking to upgrade, maintain and support their heat and power efficiency. Our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system is perfect for large-scale usage across the day and possesses the ability to be moulded to the specific needs of different buildings, departments and applications.

Why choose our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for schools?

Micro co-generation is a trusted answer for educational establishments across the UK because it can cope with the demands of power and heating in one go. The TOTEM m-CHP offers a range of benefits, such as:

  • Integrated features: TOTEMm-CHP is a compact ‘system in box’. Simplifying and accelerating installation to begin supporting your school as soon as possible.
  • Reduced maintenance: The automatic oil change ability of the TOTEM m-CHP reduces the need for maintenance call outs and improves durability. Adveco’s dedicated service packages ensure longevity of operation at agreed efficiency levels throughout the life of the appliance.
  • Euro 6 compliance: The EU directive sets the standard for reducing harmful pollutants and the TOTEM m-CHP can lay claim to a compliant engine control system with some of the lowest emission levels on the market for a CHP system.

To see how these benefits will manifest themselves in your educational setting, get in contact with us today.