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Adveco Offers Commercial Solar Thermal CPD

  • Gain valuable insight with a free sustainable solar thermal CPD for DHW demands
  • CIBSE Approved CPD course available in person or online
  • Onsite installation training from Adveco solar thermal engineers

Commercial hot water specialist Adveco is pleased to support customers’ continuing professional development (CPD) with a new CIBSE-accredited seminar on solar thermal water heating for commercial building projects. For installers wishing to offer solar thermal services, Adveco now also provides installation training via both this solar thermal CPD and onsite instruction from its specialist engineers.

Vince Ng, Business Development Manager, Adveco, said: “With more than 500 live installations throughout the UK, Adveco has unprecedented expertise in the design and provision of commercial solar thermal. A tried and trusted renewable technology, solar thermal is seeing a resurgence in interest as organisations are re-evaluating its benefits as they search for affordable and reliable methods for delivering decarbonisation strategies that meet net zero goals.”

Solar thermal is specifically used to heat domestic hot water (DHW) providing thermal energy to a load, thereby reducing the energy consumption of the existing equipment. This reduces the carbon emissions and the running costs of the system. Not to be confused with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems which generate electricity from panels, solar thermal collectors absorb solar energy and transport it via a solar fluid to an indirect hot water cylinder where the energy is transferred. For water heating applications, solar thermal is up to eight times more effective than PV, so highly advantageous when roof space is limited.

Adveco’s Solar Thermal in The UK CPD session explains in depth the benefits, including offsetting costs for both low-carbon electric and gas-based DHW systems. It gives full consideration to the design of robust solar thermal systems, exploring how it can be used to contribute to a building’s hot water system, and explaining the importance of correct sizing and avoiding the costly dangers of overheating through the application of drain back.

This solar thermal CPD will also cover the decision process for the application of solar thermal, solar PV or air source heat pumps (ASHP). This includes clear advice on methods for combining solar thermal with ASHP in hybrid applications.

“Installation of solar thermal is a relatively straightforward process for those with professional plumbing skills,” adds Vince. “The technology provides a prime opportunity to expand services to encompass sustainability that once installed offers low-to-no-cost hot water that can meet as much as 30% of annual hot water demands for a rapid return on investment when used to offset expensive electricity costs. Installers wishing to upskill to solar thermal are encouraged to book a CPD session and discuss options for onsite installation training with our solar thermal engineers.”

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Adveco Appoints Vince Ng To Spearhead CPDs & Support National Accounts

Hot water specialist Adveco announces the appointment of Vince Ng as business development manager driving national sales accounts and Adveco’s continuing professional development (CPD) programme.

Vince will support Adveco’s portfolio of national accounts, including key brands across retail, hotels, restaurant chains and the public sector. Driven by government mandate and the increasing desire to decarbonise operations as part of a wider corporate policy that embraces the advantages of net zero for staff and customers, organisations can use the specialist knowledge Adveco can provide to address energy demands for business-critical hot water supply.

“Whether building brand new facilities or refurbishing existing buildings, Adveco’s application design services, specialist product portfolio and service contracts can help national organisations to control capital and operational expenses,” said Vince Ng, business development manager. “Critically by working in partnership with us customers operating UK-wide can reduce global warming carbon and harmful NOₓ emissions from their hot water (DHW) systems.”

A guaranteed supply of DHW is typically a more complex provision for commercial projects, often requiring bespoke applications that leverage a hybrid technological approach to achieve the necessary quantities and temperatures demanded. To help understand this, Adveco offers a range of CPDs and hands-on training for consultants, specifiers, engineers, installers and energy managers.

Adveco’s existing CPDs already cover sizing domestic hot water systems and maximising contributions from solar thermal. These are now joined by a new CPD, Best Practices for Electric-Based Commercial Hot Water Systems.

As organisations look to alternatives for securing low-carbon hot water this CPD session considers the options of achieving net zero in buildings by cutting carbon emissions through the electrification of water heating. It covers the specification of electric water heating, direct electric and low carbon methods including solar thermal and, in particular, air source heat pumps. This will provide an understanding of the challenges and issues surrounding commercial electric water heating and the importance of pairing kW to litres when designing a system and provide a clear overview of the next stage in the technological development of heat pumps.

“As a provider of hot water technologies, Adveco is proud to have a commitment towards the continued growth of knowledge and experience of professionals in the energy and sustainability sector. All our CPDs, including Best Practices for Electric-based Commercial Hot Water Systems, can be booked now with the training team as face-to-face or remote sessions,” said Vince.

Adveco is accredited with CIBSE for the provision of CPD seminars designed to contribute towards an individual’s professional development.

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Hybrid packaged plant rooms.

Adveco Showcases New Hybrid Packaged Plant Rooms at CIBSE Build2Perform

  • Accelerate project timescales with offsite constructed heating, hot water and low carbon energy systems.
  • Introducing packaged hybrid systems that help meet new carbon targets.
  • Understand whether continued investment in gas infrastructure is still viable.

Hot water and heating specialist Adveco, will be exhibiting its first hybrid packaged plant room systems for heating and hot water at CIBSE Build2Perform November 26th & 27th at Olympia, London. These bespoke designed systems, built into a weatherproof enclosure, not only maximise available space on a commercial project but also deliver system resilience, help reduce a building’s energy consumption and reduce operational costs.

Adveco’s plant rooms leverage technology from a range of partners including A.O. Smith, Cosmogas and cogeneration specialist TOTEM. Appliances are combined with Adveco’s own in-house designed control systems and industry recognised heat recovery technology, such as the HR001, a standalone Heat Recovery Unit providing a convenient, packaged unit to recover refrigerant system waste heat.

For the first time, Adveco will be showcasing a hybrid application that combines the new Adveco FPi Air Source Heat Pump with an A.O. Smith Innovo condensing room-sealed gas water heater and controls, enabling commercial sites to achieve lower cost heating or cooling.

An all-electric packaged plant room will also be on display alongside the popular MD high efficiency condensing gas boiler.

MD high efficiency condensing gas boiler - floor standing or wall mounted.Compact and lightweight, with low CO and NOₓ emission levels, MD is perfect for use in conjunction with an air source heat pump as part of a hybrid system, providing both sustainability and the operational responsiveness required by larger-scale commercial systems. With multiple load-balanced heat exchangers in a single chassis, MD offers peace of mind with built-in redundancy, all backed by a seven-year warranty on all parts and labour when commissioned by Adveco and a 10-year warranty on both the heat exchangers and the pre-mix burner.

Adveco’s Application Engineer Simon Bennet.On Wednesday afternoon, Adveco’s Application Engineer Simon Bennet will be helping designers facing the decision of whether to adopt all-electric for new buildings or outlay for a gas supply ready for conversion to hydrogen. A decision that could affect future carbon emissions and running costs for the lifetime of the building. Simon will outline the practical considerations to help decide whether the cost and the need to reduce carbon make continued investment in gas infrastructure viable for commercial new build projects.

MD boiler training session

Hands-on training at Adveco

Adveco has recently expanded its in-house training facilities, introducing the new MD compact floor-standing condensing gas boiler for hands-on practical demonstration. Great to see everyone getting stuck in during the latest training sessions, with lots of discussion about the varied applications for these boilers.

As well as in-depth training on our portfolio of appliances, we offer a range of CIBSE accredited Continuing Professional Development seminars on a wide range of topics.

For more information or to request a session get in touch with us today.

Adveco training hotel engineers

Adveco Goes the Extra Mile when it comes to Training

Adveco usually provides a wide range of training resources, from Continuing Professional Development seminars to practical demonstrations of heating and hot water installations for gas engineers at our purpose built training facility within the company’s headquarters in Farnborough, Hampshire. When it is not feasible for customers to visit our headquarters, we are able to provide onsite technical training, which was a recent requirement for the Rendezvous ‘stolen time’ Hotel. This award-winning hotel has installed two A.O.Smith BFC120 fully room-sealed condensing high-efficiency water heater appliances along with solar preheat, all supplied by Adveco, to provide site-wide domestic hot water.

One of the world’s first boutique hotels dedicated to couples only, Rendezvous is located on Malabar beach, a two-mile stretch of golden sand on the Caribbean island of St Lucia. Our long-suffering technical team found themselves required to attend this elegant, luxurious island retreat. Despite the distractions of exotic Caribbean buffet meals, and sun-kissed hammocks swinging in the ocean breeze below the palm trees, they knuckled down and ran in-depth training for hotel engineers Joel Etienne, Alvin Volney, Mickael Charlouis, Roland Isaac, Cameron Asambert, and their manager Derrick Leslie. Together they support the facilities at Rendezvous and other hotels within the group.

For a hotel that prides itself in being the perfect, tranquil, luxury getaway, ensuring a readily available provision of hot water to the 100 guest suites, restaurants and bars is a critical part of daily operations. Adveco was pleased to be able to support the team on the ground to ensure they had all the necessary knowledge to support the consistent operation of the hotel’s new hot water system.

Adveco.Adveco offer training for heating and hot water and water engineers, on site or at our premises.

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SECR Streamline Energy and Carbon Reporting

Hybrid Hot Water & Power, The Future for Existing Buildings

The UK Government has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050, relative to 1990 levels. While much focus has been placed on the application of renewable technologies for new and off-gas grid domestic dwellings throughout the 2020s, by far the greatest potential for addressing change comes through the refurbishment of systems within existing buildings. Especially those throughout the commercial sector that exhibit high, consistent demand for hot water, heat and power.

What then is the answer to reducing carbon in existing buildings?

In its latest seminar – The Effect of Lower Carbon Intensity Electricity on Renewable Technologies for Existing Buildings – Adveco considers how the addition of solar thermal, combined heat and power (CHP) cogeneration or heat pumps can support existing gas systems, and address air quality and reduction of carbon emissions from existing building stock while providing operational cost savings.

Committed to partnering with its commercial and government customers, Adveco’s programme of seminars and CPDs offer the latest insight on hot water sizing, CHP and solar thermal to help support the creation, or adaptation of existing buildings to be comfortable, efficient, functional, safe and sustainable through better design, supply, commissioning and service of lower carbon business-critical hot water, heating and power.

Registration to attend the seminar was free at CIBSE Build2Perform on Wednesday 28th November 2018

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