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Adveco’s Live Metering Service for Gas to Electric Hot Water Replacement

  • Live hot water system metering service for commercial buildings
  • Avoid costly investment in oversized design when replacing gas with electricity
  • Full data analysis and report generation for optimal replacement system recommendation

Commercial hot water specialist Adveco, announces the launch of its Live Hot Water Metering service of domestic hot water (DHW) systems for commercial properties intending to replace legacy gas systems with more sustainable electric technologies.

The Live Metering service from Adveco is a simple-to-install, non-invasive onsite process that generates consistent six-minute data 24 hours per day from existing hot water systems to accurately understand actual usage, including critical peak demands and their profile shape.  Adveco’s specialist engineers will visit the site, providing an overall visual assessment, fit the meters and monitor for an agreed period, typically a month before returning to remove the equipment. The data will then be processed, and a report generated with design recommendations for a replacement system that meets the exact needs of the building.

Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco, said:

“The most consistent issue we see in commercial hot water systems is oversizing, whether through lack of understanding of application design or concerns over providing suitable backup to ensure system continuity.

The result of oversizing is always the same, unnecessary capital costs for system supply, installation and ongoing excess operational costs associated with higher energy demands and therefore greater carbon emissions.

As companies seek to adopt greener building operations, replacing old gas-fired systems with like-for-like electric is another guaranteed way to gain an oversized system.

If the replacement system is oversized, operational costs climb as the price of electricity per kW remains high and should demands exceed a building’s available amperage of electrical supply, project installation costs will soar, or even stall the project. This can best be avoided by understanding your actual hot water demands and designing the replacement to meet those specific needs, this is why accurate data is so valuable.”

Data collected with Adveco’s Live Metering Service has already enabled organisations to avoid excess capital costs whilst reducing emissions in line with decarbonisation strategies. It has demonstrated on one site, that a 60 kW gas-fired hot water system can be directly replaced by a system based around a 12 kW ARDENT electric boiler and a cylinder optimised to meet storage requirements reducing carbon emissions by 2800 kg per annum.  On another site the demands of a system operating two 50kW gas-fired water heaters could be serviced by a 24kW electric water heater and heat pump supplying the preheat, reducing emissions by 5100 kg per annum. With both replacement designs rated at 120% they provide more than enough storage capacity to meet unexpected peak demands.  The benefits will increase over time as the carbon emissions are expected to continue to fall as grid electricity supplies continue to decarbonise in the future.

By optimising the use of air source heat pumps, electric boilers and hot water cylinders, not only are capital investments reduced, but so too is the system size and complexity, making for easier installation and the potential to recover valuable plant room space.

Should a business opt to purchase the recommended replacement system from Adveco they will receive a 50% refund on the cost of implementing the initial Live Metering service. Talk to Adveco or your regional sales representative about pricing and booking metering at your property.

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