Friargate Court

£3,600/year Savings

Preston, Lancashire. United Kingdom
244-room student residential scheme
4000-litre capacity
Over 25% running cost savings

Friargate Court, a 244-room luxury student residential scheme, is a recent addition to Preston’s growing University Quarter that has been fitted with an Adveco TOTEM T10 m-CHP.

The Adveco TOTEM and two BFC water heaters provide the thermal load in a central energy centre that serves Friargate’s domestic hot water demands.

Friargate Court, a 244-room luxury student residential scheme, is a recent addition to Preston’s growing University Quarter.  Envisioned by student accommodation specialists Portergate, Friargate provides boutique hotel class living a short walk away from the University of Central Lancashire.

The domestic hot water system supplied by Adveco Ltd. which serves Friargate consists of a TOTEM T10 m-CHP unit with two BFC60 condensing gas after-heaters.  This CHP installation helped the building to meet Part L2A of the Building Regulations and local planning requirements and additionally saves over £3,600 per year in energy costs.  These savings result in a system which is far more cost-effective than alternative renewable technologies.

CHP units provide on-site cogeneration of heat and power and are one of the most effective ways of reducing emissions in heating and DHW systems.  Electricity is produced at the point of consumption by an automotive engine coupled directly to a generator, and the waste heat produced in the process is recovered by heat exchangers to be used as a free source of heat for the building.

The TOTEM maximises cogeneration efficiency through superb design quality.  A 1.4L Fiat Fire engine supplied by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and tuned by partner Magneti Marelli cuts emission levels to less than 10% of most other m-CHP units on the market.

“As professionals, we are always looking at various options on behalf of our clients to ensure that the requirements of Part L2 are not only met but where possible exceeded.  We are also very conscious of the increasing impact NOX emissions have on localised air quality.  The Adveco TOTEM CHP enabled us to deliver an effective, efficient and environmentally friendly solution due to its combination of total efficiency, reductions in Carbon Dioxide and ultra-low NOX emissions”

– James Massey, Projects Director, TACE

Three integrated heat exchangers and the capability to condense allow the recovery of almost all waste heat from the engine and components.  A self-change oil system reduces maintenance demand and extends the unit lifetime, all further contributing to running cost savings of over 25%.

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems are ideally suited to serve large accommodation buildings, where the majority of the annual energy consumption is attributed to domestic hot water demands and there is a continuous background electricity demand.  The Adveco TOTEM delivers the very best in micro-CHP performance, delivering market-leading efficiencies and ultra-low NOX and CO emissions to provide a clean and cost-effective result.


Adveco Ltd. is the sister company to Adveco (AWP) Ltd., who trade as A.O. Smith Water Heaters in the U.K. and has over 45 years of expertise in the building services industry.  With an ethos to offer the very best products, services and support, Adveco prioritises the needs of clients to deliver bespoke, practical solutions.

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