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19th century grade II listed building
Hot water and heating
MD Boilers, A.O. Smith BFC water heaters

Refurbishing commercial hot water and heating systems in a listed building

A 19th century grade II listed building in South London required 24/7 hot water and heating for a small staff.

Having good previous experience with an existing A.O. Smith BFC50 from commercial hot water and heating specialist Adveco, which has supplied A.O. Smith product for almost 50 years in the UK, the customer had expressed interest in upgrading the second boiler room with a high-efficiency A.O. Smith UB condensing gas boiler.

With the site surveyed, however, it rapidly became apparent that the building presented a number of limitations. Height clearance in the second plant room was restrictive and would prevent the installation of a wall or frame-mounted UB boiler system. In addition, the age and state of the chimneys was a concern, and planning would not allow for the run up the outside of the listed building of a flue to the roofline.

To address the requirements for refurbishing heating in the property Adveco was contracted to supply and commission two Adveco MD boilers. A high capacity, floor-standing fully condensing gas boiler, the MD was created expressly to address the need for highly efficient commercial heating in locations where space would limit or prevent the use of wall or frame-mounted boilers. Containing patented titanium-stabilised stainless steel heat exchangers within the floor standing cabinet, the MD provides a durable, corrosion-resistant boiler. The intelligent system control ensures optimal operation and self-maintenance checking, useful with such a low level of staffing on the site.

The MD70 also has the advantage of low flue gas flow rates and temperature, with flow at 115 kg/h and temperature as low as 30°C. This not only allows for low-cost B23 approved PP flues but meant that the flue could be cleared to plume into a low-level external light well resolving the issues created by the building’s listed status. The MD’s efficient pre-mix burner achieves ideal combustion so emissions of harmful carbon (19ppm) and NOₓ (34 mg/kWh) are extremely low, satisfying the Energy-related Products (ErP) directive.

Two MD70 appliances were supplied with the expectation of running singly due to the low staff presence, with a 200kW low loss header and boiler pipework. The BFC50, continues to supply the domestic hot water.  As a fully room-sealed condensing high-efficiency water heater, the BFC50 offers versatile flue options which enable this water heater to be placed almost anywhere, which proved useful for the extremely tight space afforded by the first plant room. Highly efficient (91%) and low maintenance, the BFC when commissioned by Adveco has the added advantage of carrying an extended two-year warranty on all parts and labour.

Due to the extreme durability of the MD70 boilers, Adveco was also able to provide the organisation with seven-year parts and labour warranty on the appliances which started from the commissioning date. This warranty was further extended to 10 years on the MD70’s burner and heat exchanger with Adveco ensuring a manufacturer-approved level of warranty maintenance to give the customer real peace of mind over their investment in the new heating and hot water system.

Adveco Ltd. is the sister company to Adveco (AWP) Ltd., who trade as A.O. Smith Water Heaters in the U.K. and has over 45 years of expertise in the building services industry.  With an ethos to offer the very best products, services and support, Adveco prioritises the needs of clients to deliver bespoke, practical solutions.

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