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City of London, United Kingdom

The supply of the TOTEM and its connected appliances comes as the new 395-room hotel project, constructed in partnership with consultants MRB Ltd., nears its completion to open in 2018. Middlesex Street Travelodge is the company’s largest new-build hotel to date. The hotel is being designed in Travelodge’s latest contemporary brand design, and will feature its new premium economy SuperRooms and new design Bar Café.
Travelodge operates 67 in the capital, it is one of London’s largest hotel brands and is looking to expand its portfolio in the capital with over 100 hotels over the coming years.
Travelodge currently operates 545 hotels across the UK, Ireland, and Spain and is opening 15 hotels this year – some of the locations include: Peterhead, York, London Romford, Lakeside Shopping Centre, and Newcastle.

The TOTEM T25 at the new Travelodge hotel will be installed as part of a domestic hot water installation alongside six Adveco stainless steel calorifiers and a 572 kW A.O. Smith Upsilon boiler cascade. The CHP operates by pre-heating the primary system water via an Adveco MSS buffer vessel, which in turn feeds the indirect coils of the Adveco stainless steel calorifiers and is supported by the AO Smith boiler cascade. The plant components supplied by Adveco Ltd. will be installed into a rooftop plantroom and will additionally be commissioned by Adveco’s in-house team of engineers prior to the opening of the hotel.

The Adveco TOTEM is the first in a new generation of high-efficiency micro-cogenerators, and is the product of almost 40 years of research and development. Manufactured in Italy by partners Totem Energy s.r.l., the TOTEM features a 1.4-litre Fiat Fire engine sourced from partners Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and purpose-built for operation on natural gas.  By pairing this with an Engine Control Unit (ECU) and catalytic converter supplied and tuned by automotive experts Magneti Marelli, the TOTEM delivers the highest total cogeneration efficiencies available on the UK market in addition to carbon and NOX emissions less than 10% of other CHP appliances within its market sector.

The environmental benefits of the TOTEM cannot be understated for a project in an urban area such as the City of London, particularly in light of recent concerns about air quality in the UK’s cities.  With NOX emissions cleaner than the cleanest condensing boiler and less than 10 mg/kWh, the TOTEM imparts the smallest effect on local air quality of any m-CHP on the market, thereby helping to minimise the local environmental impact arising from on-site power generation or decentralised energy policies.  By choosing the TOTEM, Travelodge has significantly reduced the building’s emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides compared to conventional hot water systems, helping to achieve a cleaner London while also aiding the nation’s ongoing electricity concerns.

CHP is the ideal technology when considering the hot water and electricity demands of the hotel; with a continual background power demand present in the building, the machine can always operate at full capacity and can use the electricity produced on site whenever there is a thermal load.  The domestic hot water system requires a vast amount of thermal energy, but the demand pattern for DHW in a hotel is not continuous; it is made up of two intense peaks.

In order to meet the continuous demand, a hot water preheat storage system is used.  This allows the CHP unit to run for long hours to prime the preheat.  During the peak, the hot water from the preheat vessels ensure minimal energy is supplied by the boilers, and following the peak, the CHP has a long period of time to reheat the preheat vessels to be ready for the next peak.  Meanwhile, the afterheaters are always kept at a high temperature to ensure the building has hot water available at all times.  Without the split pre/after heater system, the boilers and CHP would heat the hot water tank together.  With no preheat, after a peak period either the building would not have hot water for many hours while the CHP heated the tank up, or the boilers would run alongside the CHP and within 1 hour the hot water tanks would be up to temperature.  There would then be no thermal load for the CHP, causing it to shut down.  The use of a preheater is used to allow the CHP to run and reduce the overall reliance on the boilers.  The long run hours increase its contribution to system efficiency and provides valuable energy savings for the business.  These savings make the use of CHP the most practical and cost-effective method of satisfying Part L of the Building Regulations, further aiding sustainable and energy-efficient building design.

Adveco Ltd. is the sister company to Adveco (AWP) Ltd., which has over 45 years of industry experience in the U.K. under the trade name A.O. Smith Water Heaters, and are known for the exceptional quality of their products and services.  By branching out to provide an increased product offering, including exclusive distribution of the TOTEM CHP, Adveco Ltd. provide a single source of supply for complete bespoke systems and plantrooms.

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