Adveco Control and Interface Protection Panels

Adveco Ltd. recognises that one of the most important aspects of modern system design is the effective co-ordination and control of system components. Adveco has developed a range of panels to serve as complete wiring stations, control centres, and interface protection relays suitable for a variety of heating and hot water solutions.

All Adveco control panels feature system isolators, overload protection, and volt-free contacts for BMS integration within a wall-mountable, IP-rated housing, and are supplied pre-wired and ready to install. The standard range of EB0025, EB0026, EB0028, and EB0030 control panels feature SMS/Email fault notification via an integrated GSM modem. The EB0025, EB0028, and EB0030 additionally provide automatic heat source changeover controls to activate backup immersion heaters in the event of a fault with the primary heat source.

The Adveco EB0032, EB0033 and EB0035 serve as G59/2 and G82/3 interface protection relays for use with Adveco TOTEM CHP installations.

To find out more, please consult the product data sheets contained below, or contact the Adveco application design department.

Ancillaries and Related System Components


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