Adveco Heat Recovery Units

With a passion to provide high-efficiency and low-carbon heating and hot water solutions, Adveco have designed the HR001 bespoke heat recovery box for use with commercial heating and cooling systems.

Designed to recover the waste heat produced from chiller appliances such as fridges and freezers, the HR001 reclaims and uses the heat produced by chiller compressors to indirectly pre-heat the incoming mains water of a building. Capable of achieving temperatures as high as 50°C, the HR001 can significantly reduce the heating load of boilers and water heaters.

Each unit incorporates two independent heat recovery circuits, inclusive of plate heat exchangers, pumps, temperature controller, expansion vessel and valves. All components are pre-installed within an IP-rated housing with mounting brackets, and are designed to integrate seamlessly into an Adveco hot water system alongside the range of Adveco control panels.


Ancillaries and Related System Components


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