Adveco Packaged Plant Rooms

Adveco Ltd. design and supply fully bespoke packaged plant rooms and GRP enclosures tailored to meet the specific requirements of a project.

The use of external plant rooms to relocate essential building services can increase the availability of valuable internal areas. Adveco will size, design, and manufacture weatherproof GRP enclosures suitable for placement beside or on top of buildings. Off-site prefabrication, including the installation of all appliances, internal pipework, controls, supports, and ancillaries, can drastically reduce on-site labour demands and can enable the rapid progression of project timescales.

Download the Adveco Packaged Plant Room brochure (PDF). For more information or to discuss an application, please contact Adveco today.

Download the Adveco Packaged Plant Room brochure

Packaged Plant Rooms from Adveco for the delivery of complete heating and hot water systems precisely tailored, built and delivered to fit the specific needs of your project.

Adveco bespoke Packaged Plant Room timelapse build

Watch a timelapse of one of our new bespoke hybrid packaged plant rooms being built. This version incorporates within the GRP enclosure a gas water heater, calorifier, controls and all pipework for a commercial hot water system. We then add externally the new FPi Air Source Heat Pump providing sustainability with cost management and system resilience…

A quick lift to maximise usable space

Design and offsite manufacture of bespoke hot water, heating and power systems which are then enclosed in a tough GRP enclosure means it is a straightforward operation to quickly and efficiently lift the plant room where needed...minimising disruption, onsite labour and accelerating timescales...

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