Discover the advantages of Air Source Heat Pumps From Adveco

Adveco's growing range of renewable energy products is designed to provide heating and hot water as part of eco-friendly hybrid commercial systems that reduce CO₂ emissions, supporting the drive towards Net Zero in the UK.

Introducing the TOTEM


The TOTEM micro-cogenerator is the first in a new generation of high efficiency, low emissions CHP. Designed and manufactured by Totem-Energy, it incorporates decades of automotive expertise in the form of a 1.4 litre Fiat Fire engine sourced from Fiat Chryster Automobiles and an Engine Control Unit tuned by Magneti Marelli. The result is a compact and reliable combined heat and power unit with the highest efficiency and lowest emissions available on the U.K. market.

Cogeneration Process

The process of cogeneration within the TOTEM begins with the natural-gas fed automotive engine, which is directly coupled to a generator to produce electricity.  The engine is controlled by a finely tuned engine control unit (ECU), which communicates via gateway to the unit display and remote cloud interface for advanced monitoring and controls.


The heat produced as a product of power generation is captured through a series of internal heat exchangers.  Building water enters the unit through a shell and tube heat exchanger to extract heat from the exhaust gases after the catalytic converter, then passes into a plate heat exchanger to draw high-grade heat from the engine coolant before leaving the unit and feeding into the building's heating or hot water system.

The engine coolant draws heat from the electric generator, a pre-catalytic converter exhaust shell and tube heat exchanger, and a plate heat exchanger connected to the engine oil.

Key Technologies

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