Discover the advantages of Air Source Heat Pumps From Adveco

Adveco's growing range of renewable energy products is designed to provide heating and hot water as part of eco-friendly hybrid commercial systems that reduce CO₂ emissions, supporting the drive towards Net Zero in the UK.

Adveco TOTEM m-CHP

The Adveco TOTEM is the first in a new generation of high efficiency micro-cogenerators to launch onto the U.K. and E.U. market. As a combined heat and power (CHP) unit, it generates energy to contribute towards both the electrical and heating demands of a building. Capable of delivering electrical outputs from 10 to 50 kW with a total unit efficiency of up to 107.4%, the TOTEM series of cogenerators are among the most efficient combined heat and power units available today.

The TOTEM models feature an internal combustion engine specifically tuned for use with natural gas, designed and built by applying the engine and automotive expertise of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The result is a high quality product that is both well-engineered and reliable. This is paired with an ECU and catalytic converters provided and finely-tuned by Fiat partner Magneti Marelli. Strong relationships such as these ensure that the Totem is purpose-built with market leading efficiencies and ultra-low NOX and CO emissions, as low as 10% of those from most other commercially available micro-cogeneration units. This future-proofs the technology by guaranteeing compliance to upcoming EcoDesign standards, as well as assisting a building project in satisfying Building Regulation requirements and earning valuable BREEAM points.


Features and Key Technologies

  • Integrated system components ensure a compact, simple installation and reduces the requirements for additional pipework
  • Twin heat exchanger design delivers high thermal efficiency and low-temperature exhaust, allowing the use of economical PP plastic flue systems
  • Euro 6 compliant engine control system monitors and adjusts combustion parameters in real time to ensure harmful NOX and CO emissions are kept to the lowest possible levels
  • Inbuilt two-way communication system allows remote system monitoring and access to key information, plus automatic notification of operating status by SMS and email
  • Automatic oil change system extends engine longevity and reduces maintenance demand
  • Inbuilt starter motor allows the engine to warm fully and perform checks before matching to grid frequency


Ancillaries and Related System Components

G59/G83 Adveco Interface Protection Control Box
Adveco MSS range: Carbon steel buffer vessels for heating systems
Adveco MST range: Carbon steel thermal storage vessels for combined heating and hot water systems

m-CHP for Facility Managers

Adveco's Technical Director, Bill Sinclair, discusses the advantages facility manager can gain by using deployed micro-CHP to best benefit a commercial building. The presentation covers m-CHP technology, run hour calculations, optimal deployments, financial savings and impacts on air quality in heavily urbanized zones.

Download the new Adveco TOTEM Brochure for 2019

The Adveco TOTEM Brochure provides a handy overview of our m-CHP offering, including features, advantages, technical data and real-world customer installations.

For more information, or to receive a physical brochure, please get in touch today.

Technical Specifications and Downloads

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