Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) are a low carbon technology that use ambient air as a heat source. Using a refrigerant circuit, ASHPs are able to transfer more thermal energy than electrical energy consumed, thereby delivering, under the right conditions, a very efficient source of pre-heat for commercial DHW applications.

Adveco supplies a range of ASHP’s with above average seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP). This offers an overall higher-efficiency across varied annual UK external temperatures with consistent application working flow temperatures of 50°C.

More efficient at lower working temperatures, ASHPs lends themselves to new build projects where there is a high proportion of thermal insulation in a building. To achieve consistent high-temperature water demands in commercial applications, ASHPs are best deployed in a hybrid system, generating pre-heat for direct electric applications that raise temperatures to the required 60°C minimum while addressing peak demands.

Because ASHPs absorb heat from the air and are used to minimise use of direct electricity from the grid the technology is an excellent method for reducing carbon emissions across a commercial site.

Adveco’s Air Source Heat Pump Process

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