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MST: Carbon Steel Thermal Storage Tanks

The Adveco range of carbon steel thermal storage tanks have been carefully designed to serve a combined heating and hot water application, and feature a stainless steel coil for potable water heating as well as up to two additional coils for use with central heating systems.

The MST range features high and low level flow and return connections at 90° to one another to allow the installation of the unit in a corner, and have extra tappings in the middle as standard to be used with multiple heat sources, low and high grade heat sources, or varying return temperatures as required for the installation.

A dedicated high-recovery corrugated stainless steel domestic hot water coil is included within all tanks in the MST range, used for the instantaneous heating of potable water. The vessels can additionally include 0, 1, or 2 internal heat exchange coils for use with primary or renewable heat sources. These heating coils are suitable for use with glycol-filled systems such as heat pumps or solar installations.

Almost any heating application can be served by the Adveco MST range, providing an effective heating and hot water solution without the need for additional vessels. Standard vessels are available from 600 to 2000 litres for a range of applications.

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Features and Key Technologies

  • 100mm flexible polyurethane insulation with removable PVC jacket for ease of installation
  • Vessels available from 600 to 2000 litres
  • xx00 vessels featuring the stainless steel DHW coil only
  • xx01 vessels featuring the DHW coil plus a single primary heat exchange coil
  • xx02 vessels featuring the DHW coil in addition to two separate heat exchange coils, renewables-ready or combinable to serve one high-capacity heat source.
  • Heating coils rated to 16 bar working pressure, suitable for use with glycol fluids for solar or heat pump installations. DHW coil rated to 6 bar.


MST Thermal Storage Tanks

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Storage Capacity [l]
Primary Connection Sizes [in]
Vessel Dimensions (OD x H) [mm]
Optional Heating Coil Capacities [kW]
MST 600, 601, 602
900  x 1900
Top: 14 / Bottom: 14 / DHW: 124
MST 800, 801, 802
990 x 1880
Top: 18 / Bottom: 18 / DHW: 124
MST 1000, 1001, 1002
990  x 2270
Top: 18 / Bottom: 18 / DHW: 153
MST 1500, 1501, 1502
1100 x 2665
Top: 24 / Bottom: 30 / DHW: 153
MST 2000, 2001, 2002
1300 x 2500
Top: 30 / Bottom: 45 / DHW: 175

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