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Adveco SSB-E Lower Carbon Electric Water Heating

The Adveco SSB-E is a range of tough, stainless steel electric water heaters for commercial DHW applications. Based on the SSB buffer vessel, the SSB-E, through the addition of a specialised single or double-mounting flanges integrates electric immersions becoming a full-fledged electric water heater. SSB-E is available from 200 to 2500 litre capacity variants with up to 84 kW of heating for larger scale commercial hot water demands.

Heating capacity is achieved with up to four primary three to 12 kW immersion heaters. The addition of an immersion of three to 36 kW, installed in the side port is typically used to supply built-in redundancy, but can be used to raise overall heating capacity in high-demand scenarios.

The specialised flanges angle the primary heating elements downward into the vessel ensuring water is heated from the bottom of the tank for optimal efficiency. This energy efficiency is further improved through the addition of 100-125 mm removable insulation.

Alongside the advantages of built-in redundancy, the multiple immersions allow for individual element control. Adveco can supply bespoke control box systems that enable full, individual control of temperature, with easy switching and customisation allowing for varying periods of demand or differential tariff supplies.

Manufactured from high-grade AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel, the Adveco SSB-E range is designed and manufactured to the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC) capable of delivering a maximum working pressure of 6 bar at 85°C. All vessels are tested to the procedure defined in BS EN 12897:2006 and are WRAS certified.

With a wide choice of water capacities, single or double flanges plus a range of immersion sizes and combinations, the Adveco SSB-E provides a bespoke water heater for the most demanding commercial hot water applications.

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Hot Water Redundancy Without the Cost of Multiple Water Heaters

Adveco designed backup electric immersion heater for the A.O. Smith Innovo IR range of condensing gas water heaters

Specialist commercial hot water and heating provider Adveco, announces the launch of the EB0037, a fully bespoke backup 9 kW 3-phase electric immersion heater specially designed to fit the A.O. Smith Innovo IR range of condensing gas water heaters.

The Innovo range, consisting of nine condensing room-sealed gas water heaters with an output capacity ranging from 11.7 to 31.3 kW and a volume of 160 to 380 litres, offers a design that allows for the installation of a backup electric immersion heater to ensure supply continuity of business critical hot water.

Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco says;

“The addition of a backup electric immersion element provides a building with a level of hot water redundancy without necessitating the costly installation of multiple water heaters – the most common alternative for achieving system redundancy. It effectively guarantees the provision of hot water so as long as there is power to the building.”

The Adveco EB0037 is a Nicalloy 825 sheathed immersion heater, with a stainless steel oval flange and gasket designed to fit onto the water heater clean-out access, and then is uniquely shaped to fit around the heat exchanger at the bottom of the Innovo IR water heater tank.

The immersion heater can be installed as an independent element activated via a rotary isolator, or can be paired with an Adveco auto-changeover control panel to automatically activate in the event of a water heater fault. This panel can also trigger SMS or email notifications to inform the site management or service partner of the fault for rapid resolution.