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Adveco Launches The GL Family Of Hot Water Cylinders

Commercial hot water specialist Adveco launches the GL family of low-cost cylinders with a selection of off-the-shelf vessels for commercial hot water (DHW) projects requiring direct electric heating, buffer storage, indirect heating or preheat.

  • A wide range of low-cost commercial storage tanks and calorifiers
  • Direct electric, buffer storage, indirect heating & preheat for hot water applications
  • From 200 litre up to 5000 litre capacity for larger-scale all-electric projects

“Tough enough to deal with water conditions typically encountered across the UK, the new GL family expands options with a versatile choice of vessels with single and double coil variants, as well as no coil and the option for electric immersion to quickly and cost-effectively replace vessels in ageing commercial hot water systems,” said Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco.

Adveco GLE

Designed to serve as buffer vessel or electric water heater, the Adveco GLE is available in a range of sizes from 200 to 5000L to support larger all-electric systems. Compatible with a wide choice of direct electric immersion heater options available from Adveco, the GLE supports duty immersions from 3 to 36 kW, as well as secondary supplementary immersions from 3 to 6 kW for additional heating, or as backup to ensure continuity of service from a single unit.

Adveco GLC

Calorifiers with a single fixed indirect heating coil at low level are designed to serve as indirect water heaters or preheat vessels. Available in 200 to 3000 litres capacities, GLC can also accept a 180mm 3-36kW electric immersion.

Adveco GLT

GLT calorifiers are designed to serve as indirect water heaters. The tanks, also available in 200 to 3000 litres capacities incorporate two fixed indirect heating coils, one each at low and high level, designed for use with two separate heat sources.

To prevent corrosion the tanks are constructed from a carbon steel shell with a high-quality inorganic enamel lining. They are suitable for use in systems with maximum working pressure up to 10 bar and temperatures up to 85°C and include as standard a magnesium sacrificial anode (pre-fitted in 300-1000L variants), and a temperature gauge (pre-fitted in tanks up to 1000L).

The vessels are protected by a tough PVC jacket enclosing a rigid high-density polyurethane foam or removeable polyester fibre insulation, pre-fitted for tanks up to 1000L.

The Adveco GL range of storage tanks carries both WRAS and Kiwa’s KUKreg4 certification of product compliance with the water supply (water fittings) regulations for England, Scotland, and NI.

Supporting Ancillaries from Adveco for the GL ranges

  • Electric Immersion Heaters from 3-36 kW (GLE / GLC & GLT 200-500L)
  • E0008/0-95C: Control Thermostat with 0-95°C range
  • E0011: Overheat thermostat
  • MB0001: Destratification pump kit
  • Unvented Kit

Adveco launches the GL family, learn more by visiting the GL product page.

SSI 1500 Stainless Steel Indirect (Calorifier)

Taking the Indirect Approach to your Heating Needs

The Stainless Steel Indirect (SSI) range from Adveco is designed to serve as an indirect calorifier in domestic hot water (DHW) installations. The unit has no integral burner, instead, it contains a single, high-output internal heat exchange coil situated at low level which heats water circulated over it.

Commercial installations where heat is already being generated, such as light industry, leisure sites, and hospitals are perfect locations for the use the SSI as a method of indirect heating.

Stainless Steel Indirect (SSI) calorifier.

Stainless Steel Indirect (SSI) calorifier.

Without a directly connected gas supply, and therefore no need for a flue, an SSI indirect calorifier is simpler to install as part of a wider heating and hot water system where the heat is provided by a separate appliance – typically a gas boiler, heat pump or solar collector. The fluid in the coil – which is immersed in the water within the SSI – is filled by heated liquid (water or solar fluid) and the heat then exchanged from the coil into the vessel, hence indirectly heated. The insulated storage tank retains energy longer, permitting hot water production year-round in greater quantities and at a reasonable cost.

Commercial systems should harness the efficiency of the modern boiler for both the heating circuit and the DHW system. This counters requirements for a dedicated boiler to heat the calorifier. During the winter, when the indirect water heater is used for the heating, only a small fraction of the heat is used for DHW. In the summer when the space heating is not needed, all of the heat is used for hot water preparation, so this does mean the boiler needs to be operating year round. There are system advantages to this approach as continuous use of the boiler for DHW helps prevent costly deterioration which can occur if a boiler is idle for long periods. The SSI coil is also easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Available in a range of tank sizes, SSI can also be upgraded at any time with a range of coil options making the design highly modular. There is even the option to add an electric immersion heater, turning the SSI into a direct heating appliance, perfect for cost-effectively building redundancy into a system that could otherwise be reliant on a continuous gas supply.