Adveco Ltd. offers thorough commissioning services for all primary appliances within the company range, including gas-fired and electric appliances, solar hot water systems and combined heat and power units.

Appliance warranty periods covers parts, but to take full advantage it is recommended that all Adveco supplied products are commissioned by us. This provides you with call out, labour and parts to ensure consistent operations and prolonged system life.

Having your product commissioned by us is highly advantageous. If not commissioned by Adveco, it falls to you the customer to take on the job of fault finding, ordering of the new part, plus extraction and return of the suspected faulty part.

Working with us means this potentially time-consuming and highly specialist activity becomes part of the post-commissioning warranty agreement. You never have to worry about doing this work yourself or need to factor in extra costs for labour if there ever was an issue.

Standard warranty periods commence from the date of delivery, but by letting Adveco commission your appliance the warranty date commences from commissioning instead.

Adveco commissioning ensures that heating and hot water installations featuring Adveco products are thoroughly inspected and approved by experienced professionals who have an intimate knowledge of the specific system at hand.

To find out more or request commissioning services from Adveco Ltd., please contact us directly by calling us on 01252 551 540 Option 6, or alternatively, send your request to and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible

What our customers are saying about Adveco Commissioning…

“Your engineer commissioned our water heater yesterday. He did a great job and was very helpful.”

"Thank you for arranging today’s commissioning...your engineer was on site bright and early."


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