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Adveco Ltd. offers comprehensive customer support throughout the lifetime of appliances and equipment via an in-house team of servicing, warranty maintenance, and repair staff including qualified engineers based across the U.K.

Periodic servicing is paramount to the smooth operation of any hot water or heating system and Adveco offers a full range of service and preventative maintenance packages designed to fit the specific needs of the client, to ensure maximum system performance and longevity.

With authorised parts carried as standard on all vehicles, Adveco’s aim is to provide a single visit fix whenever possible. If appliances are commissioned by Adveco initiation of a service contract requires completion of a simple pre-service report

Committing to working with us ensures you receive comprehensive service work carried out to the manufacturer’s recommendations. A typical service visit from us for our condensing gas water heater will, for example, include a change of igniter and gas probe, drain down, descaling, full report, and advisories.

Servicing with Adveco ensures Facility Managers gain reliable, business-critical hot water, heating and power systems that exhibit maximum system performance for low running costs, ease of management and longevity to realise low total cost of ownership.

Customers with appliances out of warranty can still request a professional service call out incorporating an onsite engineer visit and report.

Servicing and maintaining TOTEM combined heating and power (CHP)

Adveco mCHP servicing

Once you have purchased and installed your Totem m-CHP you will need to factor two further costs, the gas to operate the engine and the maintenance. If you were to run your car constantly without a break you wouldn’t think twice about putting it into the garage for a service. It’s precisely the same with your m-CHP, which contains a generator and a highly engineered and tuned engine, that runs constantly at 40 mph for up to 3,000 hours (125 days) between services. Whilst the Totem can affect oil changes during normal operation it still requires regular monitoring and maintenance from an expert engineer.

With gas prices and maintenance taken into consideration customers operating the mCHP as modelled could save from approximately 60p (T10) to £1.25 (T25) per hour.

Adveco Service Plan

With the Adveco Service Plan, you will be expected to pay for each service. Problems that arise between services will require additional payment for call out and parts. The Adveco Service Plan schedules one minor and one major service.

Once out of warranty Adveco recommends that you monitor the m-CHP. A remote monitoring service is available to customers for a small monthly fee.

If your Totem m-CHP is coming out of warranty you should ensure you have a conversation with Adveco to ensure you have monitoring and a service package in place.

For Contractors

Adveco Totem m-CHP will be provisioned with a year’s warranty period, and the first service (if falling in the first year) will be liable to be paid by you, the contractor. Please be aware that failure to carry out this first service will invalidate the warranty. Should your planned project handover be longer than one year from delivery of the TOTEM m-CHP please call Adveco to discuss extending the warranty period.

To find out more or to request warranty maintenance and servicing from Adveco Ltd., please contact us directly by calling us on 01252 551 540 Option 6, or alternatively, send your request to service@adveco.co and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

What our customers are saying about Adveco Servicing…

“I would like to thank you for the service the company has given us, furthermore, congratulate you on your engineer who came to the campus.”

“Please thank the engineer. He was excellent and very knowledgeable. Due to our hard water, I think it would be advisable to make this an annual visit.”

“I just wanted to drop you a quick mail to express my thanks for doing a great job and being a pleasure to deal with.”

"Thanks very much for organising such a prompt visit to our site today; your engineer was very punctual and professional."

"Thank you immensely for your prompt and quick service to get our boiler up and running. We can now let the rooms it serves."

Adveco service and maintenance

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