Privacy and Cookie Policy

Adveco Ltd. is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of all website visitors, and does not collect any personally identifiable information unless it is provided to us willingly and knowingly, however some personal information may be collected for the purpose of improving user experience or handling user requests.  This page will identify and describe all information that is collected by Adveco, how it is used, protected, and the privacy options of website users.

Adveco may collect the following information from website visitors:

  • Information willingly and knowingly provided by users during 'Contact Form' submissions, such as names, email address, area of business, telephone number and contact address if provided, as well as any other details provided within messages submitted by users;
  • Device and browser navigation behaviour, such as location information including IP address data from devices, device type, browser type, access times, viewed pages, duration of visit, files accessed on the domain, referring website addresses and any error codes encountered.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on a user's device upon browsing websites, and are widely used to make websites work in the manner expected by visitors.  Cookies come in several types:  "First party" cookies are those set by the domain, and "third party" cookies are requests coming from external websites that may have elements integrated into pages on this domain, for example Google and YouTube for the operation of embedded content. "Session" cookies are temporary, and automatically expire once a user ends a browsing session, while "persistent" cookies are stored for a predetermined and stated period of time.

Upon visiting this domain, users will be prompted to view and/or accept Adveco's privacy and cookie policy by a non-intrusive banner displayed at the bottom of the page.  Accepting this policy, or making continued use of the domain using a browser configured to accept cookies, will be taken as consent from the user to the storage and usage of cookies as outlined on this page.  Users can choose to deny Adveco's privacy and cookie policy to prevent the storage of cookies, however this may adversely affect functionality and efficiency of the website.  More information regarding cookies and how they can be manually disabled can be found by visiting, or

Adveco uses cookies for the purposes of:

  • recognising repeat website visitors and remembering chosen preferences such as site language options, cookie policy acceptance, and increasing the efficiency of a user's online experience;
  • obtaining information about a user's viewing behaviour including visited pages, filed accessed on the domain, visit duration, referral website addresses, as well as device and location information such as browser and device type and IP address data; and
  • targeting marketing and re-marketing campaigns to provide content to users who have expressed interest in the domain or its business interests.


The domain may contain links to external, third-party websites that may additionally set their own cookies.  Adveco Ltd. is not responsible for and has no control over the content or privacy

  • This data is collected for the purposes of statistical analysis to help understand the needs of viewers

 Some cookies are used to increase the efficiency of a website or the convenience of a user