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Hotels are continually fighting with their competition to offer the most affordable rates, the best amenities, and the most outstanding guest services — all while making a profit. Now more than ever green, or sustainable tourism is becoming a deciding factor when choosing a holiday. For the hotel industry this means achieving a sustainable business model that can offer considerable marketing advantage.

Hotels represent a unique 24/7/365 environment, but one where occupancy rates will fluctuate, but guests always will be demanding with high expectations for hot water instantly on demand and rooms that offer the warmth and comfort that match or preferably exceed the home.
In addition, hotels increasingly have diversified, from providing high end dining experiences to swimming pools, spa and gym facilities. These functions significantly widen demands for heating and hot water, which can be constant, significant but also varied.

It may appear difficult to predict and meet all these requirements, but not only is it possible, it can be achieved more economically and with less impact on the environment, which is a big tick in the box for guests becoming increasingly aware of, and seeking out greener alternatives for their stay.

Hotel hot water systems from Adveco

Live Metering – The most cost-effective and efficient path to sustainability for your hotel’s future.

If you need assistance with a system for your hotel, then Adveco’s Live Metering service is for you. Live Metering requires an Adveco engineer to visit your site and install a water meter to provide hot water temperature monitoring for verified water data and comment on the risk of the existing system.

Adveco will return within the month to collect the meter. During these visits we can confirm space and clearances, and installation suitability, and once we have analysed the data give a truly accurate sizing and emissions/costs calculation.

Adveco can then advise on a new hot water system which meets the demands of a building while increasing efficiency, lowering carbon emissions, and managing costs.

  • No matter how many guests there may be, always provide access to hot water at a consistent maintained temperature for an average of eight-minutes of showering – that’s about 76 litres per guest, per shower, with applications designed to meet instantaneous demands.
  • Embrace sustainability with quietly efficient Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) and Solar Thermal systems to offset as much as 70% of your heating energy demands
  • Regain valuable space within the building that can be converted into rooms by relocating hot water and heating plant to unused exterior spaces, including flat roofs, with built-to-order prefabricated plant rooms

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Heat Pumps For Lower Carbon Emissions In New Hotels

Commercial hot water (DHW) applications using air source heat pumps (ASHP) are going to be complex and, compared to gas-fired alternatives, are going to have higher up-front costs. Designing the system for peak efficiency, and therefore sustainability, is a must to help offset this additional capital investment when compared to traditional gas-fired systems.

Commercial hot water (DHW) applications using air source heat pumps (ASHP) are going to be complex and, compared to gas-fired alternatives, are going to have higher up-front costs. Designing the system for peak efficiency, and therefore sustainability, is a must to help offset this additional capital investment when compared to traditional gas-fired systems.

With 50 years of specialist experience in creating bespoke commercial DHW systems, Adveco is well-positioned to support such projects with a wide range of air source heat pumps, electric water heaters, indirect tanks and electric immersions.

Under the right circumstances, such as new builds with a high degree of insulation, ASHPs represent an efficient way to significantly reduce the carbon emissions from hotel buildings. As the cost of grid electricity closes on that of gas, ongoing savings garnered from operating a hybrid ASHP based system, plus the reduction in CO₂ emissions makes the technology a truly attractive prospect for new build projects.

New innovations in heat pump technology and refrigerants this coming year will further enhance the advantages of the technology, lowering the impact on global warming, while improving efficiency from more compact units that will also operate more quietly. An important consideration when considering guest comfort. Such technical improvements are helping to cementing the positioning of heat pumps as a truly viable alternative for the provision of commercial-grade hot water in hotels.

Solar Thermal For Refurbishing Hotel Accommodations

A proven and extremely reliable technology, solar thermal offers a clear path to reducing CO₂ emissions.
Correctly designed and sized to the application, such as hotel accommodation, solar thermal systems can generate a considerable proportion of the hot water requirements for buildings that are already on-gas with relatively short payback periods on the initial capital expenditure, while leveraging lower-cost gas to meet peak demands.

Packaged Plant Rooms – Reclaiming Usable Space

When it comes to making a profit, the easiest way to charge more for a room is by adding space to it, or by adding more rooms in total. Either way that is going to help improve the bottom line. The same goes for hotel restaurants, where maximising floor space means more tables. Architects and hoteliers will therefore be look to every square centimetre of their properties for opportunities to maximise revenue.

Heat Recovery – Be more Sustainable by Recovering Waste Heat From Kitchen Freezers

The Adveco HR001, a standalone Heat Recovery Unit providing a convenient, packaged unit to recover refrigerant system waste heat. Perfect connecting between fridge and freezer condenser units and a hot water installation in hotels operating busy kitchens, the HR001 utilises the waste heat generated by the compressor to indirectly pre-heat the incoming mains within a hot water installation.

Why Choose Adveco For Your Next Renewable Hotel Hot Water System?

Adveco brings more than 50 years of experience designing, supplying and providing ongoing support for highly efficient hot water and heating applications that leverage the best of traditional technologies, as well as the latest low carbon and renewable systems.

Adveco offers hoteliers a breadth of experience creating bespoke systems, whether for a boutique hotel through to the largest national chains. We can support building consultants and architects from the very beginning of a new build project or deliver whole or partial system upgrades for refurbishing existing facilities. In fact, there are no limitations to the project we can support.

We approach each project with a ‘clean sheet’, our engineers will accurately size your buildings demands and create a bespoke application that meets the demands of the hotel without oversizing the application. This means the system is optimised to your needs, and we will strive to make it as efficient as it technically possible. This means lower capital costs at the outset, reduced emissions and operational costs for the life of the system, and longevity for your investment with technology that can maximise your building’s ongoing contribution to lowering carbon and harmful NOₓ emissions.

Hotel heating and water systems from Adveco

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