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We are hiring – Application Design Engineering


Adveco is currently looking to fill an Application Design Engineering position.

The engineer will provide Best Engineered Solutions to client requirements with an emphasis on premium Adveco and AO Smith products. A close working relationship with the sales team is essential. The engineer role is responsible for providing a high level of service in support of the sales team, meeting with clients to discuss projects and carrying out design work.


Posted: March 18 2022
Status: Open for applications

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Careers at Adveco heating

As one of the UK’s most trusted specialist providers for the design, supply, commissioning and servicing of professional, high-quality bespoke hot water and heating systems to the building services industry, Adveco (AWP) Ltd., trading as A.O. Smith Water Heaters, offers a wide variety of opportunities from application design, commissioning and service engineering to sales and support.

Our team, by partnering with our commercial and government customers, help to create comfortable, functional, efficient, sustainable and safe buildings that address the needs for a zero-carbon future. Independently owned and operated, Adveco remains the second largest heating company in the UK, supplying building services mainline equipment for almost 50 years and has continued to grow turnover during the past decade.

Working towards a zero carbon future.
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Careers at Adveco
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Building a Better Future

With Adveco, graduates can join a team that, by partnering with our commercial and government customers, help create comfortable, functional, efficient, sustainable and safe buildings that address the needs for a zero-carbon future.

The company is well placed to invest in the development and support of graduates wishing to design, supply, commission and service professional, high-quality bespoke hot water and heating systems for the building services industry. Today, the company is one of the UK’s most trusted specialist providers for this demanding field where systems and services support business-critical activity.

From engineering to sales and support, Adveco offers graduates the opportunity to work in an industry that can help make a difference through invaluable design, supply, commissioning and service of bespoke, business-critical hot water, heating and power systems across health, education, leisure, retail and light industry estates.

Yoesra Imam and Bradley Martin are the latest graduates to join the company within the sales function with responsibilities for the Midlands area.

Bradley Martin, AdvecoFor Bradley, graduating from Sheffield Hallam University with a BSc in sports coaching has meant he comes with a good understanding of what it takes to work in a close-knit team in a highly competitive environment. “Due to my sporting background I really enjoy a challenge,” he says. “In the mid-term, this will be getting the name out there to clients. We are not just A.O. Smith the hot water company, we are Adveco.”

Yoesra recently graduated from the University of Kent with a BSc (Hons) in Financial Economics with Econometrics. A self-confessed ‘people person’, Yoesra explains, “My degree was really interesting, but just not something I would want to spend my life doing. I like being around people, not being bogged down every day by numbers in an office space. Taking on this sales role enables me to balance that business focus with a more social role. Adveco has a great culture and I have been able to really fit in quickly.”

The roles do mean both can expect to be on the road much of the week, meeting existing and potential customers, developing new opportunities and supporting projects by facilitating expertise from the wider company. This is a crucial aspect of the role as customers – from consultants, specifiers and engineers to site owners and facility managers – will have very particular needs that balance exceeding latest legislation whilst meeting project expectations, delivery dates and budget.

“Although new to the industry, I really want to push the new Adveco product range along with my own personal development. I chose sales because no two deals are the same,” Bradley says. “I really thrive off getting the best deal, not only for the company but also for our clients. That is what will enable me to build long-lasting relationships in this industry.”


“This is a rapidly
growing company
with huge potential”


As with any graduate entering their first role, expectation is tempered by experience, and Adveco works hard to ensure new employees are welcomed and given the best possible training to support their day to day needs and help give them the necessary experience as quickly as possible. That starts for many before they join the company through outreach with organisations such as CIBSE, where Adveco offers approved training seminars and is a strong proponent of work carried out by the Young Engineers Network (CIBSE YEN).

Yoesra Imam, Adveco“I never actually considered the construction industry before,” admits Yoesra, “But in my first few weeks, it has become something that I have become passionately interested in. Everyone needs heating and hot water!” Bradley agrees, observing, “This is a rapidly growing company with huge potential.”

If you are not a graduate, Adveco also supports apprenticeships for those interested in gaining hands-on experience and developing new, practical skills. With opportunities to shadow and learn from our gas engineers on the ground, and with support provided in attaining industry recognised accreditation, there is a variety of ways we can help you achieve your potential.