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Design, Supply and Support for Restaurants, Catering & Hospitality Hot Water Systems

Design, Supply and Support for Restaurants, Catering & Hospitality Hot Water Systems


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Hot Water & Heating For Restaurants, Catering & Hospitality

For restaurants and catering facilities, hot water with its regular peaks in demand, is a business critical service. Generating around a third, on average, of total energy costs for buildings in the hospitality industry, heating and hot water applications can be costly when systems are not optimised to deliver the intensive demands.

The provision of hot water alone equates to almost 20% of total energy usage within restaurants, servicing high temperature water demands, throughout the day. Heating, on average, consumes another 15% of total energy usage, with fluctuating needs for ranges of capacities within the building.

Hospitality need not cost the Earth

Embrace sustainability with quietly efficient air source heat pumps (ASHP) and solar thermal systems to offset as much as 70% of your heating energy demands

Replace ageing and inefficient gas-fired boilers and water heaters with the latest generation of compact, high-efficiency appliances, or talk to us about options for transitioning to all-electric alternatives

Secure and reuse ‘free’ heat otherwise wasted from walk-in freezers or chilled spaces in kitchens

Regain valuable space within the building that can be converted into rooms by relocating hot water and heating plant to unused exterior spaces, including flat roofs, with built-to-order prefabricated plant rooms

Digital Brochure for Restaurants, Catering & Hospitality

Digital brochure - Bespoke hot water & heating applications for restaurant, catering & hospitality.
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Heat Pumps For Net Zero Restaurants & Bars

Under the right circumstances, such as new builds with a high degree of insulation, air source heat pumps (ASHP) represent an efficient way to significantly reduce the carbon emissions from hotel buildings. As the cost of grid electricity closes on that of gas, ongoing savings garnered from operating a hybrid ASHP based system, plus the reduction in CO₂ emissions makes the technology a truly attractive prospect for new build projects.

Packaged Plant Rooms – Reclaiming Usable Space

When it comes to making a profit, the more covers the better, and that means making the most of every available square meter, maximising floor space for more tables.

Architects will therefore be look to every square centimetre of their properties for opportunities to maximise revenue.

Sustainable Refurbishment With Solar Thermal

For existing restaurants and buildings that are being repurposed as restaurants, so long as they already have a gas connection can take real advantage of solar thermal for their hot water provision. A proven and extremely reliable technology, which, when correctly designed and sized to the application, offers a clear path to reducing CO₂ emissions.

Why Choose Adveco for Your Next Renewable Restaurant, Catering & Hospitality

With more than 50 years of experience designing, supplying and providing ongoing support for highly efficient heating and hot water applications that leverage the best of traditional technologies, as well as the latest low carbon and renewable systems, Adveco understands your needs. To keep diners comfortable, and support kitchen staff in the delivery of efficient and hygienic service, we provide design recommendations tailored to your exact requirements.

With a broad range of appliances available to you, we can work together to provide optimised systems for restaurants built from the ground up, or help to move your restaurant to the latest renewable resources in the most cost-effective manner.

Ensure your hot water system reflects the changing demands of service, as restaurants define eating out on their own terms. Meeting the challenge of unpredictable dining habits and improving work-life balance for both kitchen and front of house teams has seen restaurants experiment with single sittings, lunch closures, as well as bringing forward final seating times to avoid late night closure. Prioritising staff and customer needs means a shift in peak demands for hot water, from preparation, to washbasin, to clean down. Adveco’s bespoke application designs, controls and metering give restaurant owners and operators the power to define their needs and ensure demands are met in the most efficient, cost-effective manner, no matter the operational changes to dining service now and in the future as the market continues to recover to and beyond its pre-pandemic value.

The simplification of planning use, enabling former shops, offices and professional services spaces to be altered into restaurants without seeking consent from local authorities is creating fascinating new opportunities for the food service industry. From pop-ups to permanent restaurants, the opportunity is clear, especially for restaurant chains that have specialised in refurbishing existing High Street buildings and revitalising suburban areas, latterly for those opting to continue to work from home.

One thing we know well at Adveco is the potential complexity, and therefore hidden cost, of refurbishing a property when the site was not originally conceived as a restaurant. Landlords and new property owners need to recognise that heating and especially hot water are business critical functions, with suitable hot water storage needed to meet consistent and peak-hour demands. That water also must be supplied at a minimum of 60°C to ensure a hygienic cleaning of the environment, utensils and provide handwashing for both staff and customers.

Adveco will size the needs of the premises, design a bespoke application, and supply the necessary system components for installation. Our work includes systems in listed buildings and large-scale projects, such as for Five Guys, revitalising building hot water systems throughout the UK. In all these cases, our customers are not only securing modern, highly efficient fit-for-purpose heating and hot water systems, they are also reducing their costs and either better controlling their carbon emissions or excising them with renewables for a more sustainable workplace

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Ardent Commercial Electric Boiler

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Solar Collectors with Drain Back

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Digital Brochure for Restaurants, Catering & Hospitality

Digital brochure - Bespoke hot water & heating applications for restaurant, catering & hospitality.