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MSB Carbon Steel Buffer Vessels

The Adveco MSB range of carbon steel primary system buffer vessels has been carefully designed to fit most heating application that requires an inertia tank or energy storage vessel.

The MSB range features numerous high-, mid-, and low-level connections to ensure compatibility with almost any heating application. Such tappings enable the tanks to be used with multiple return flow temperatures or multiple heat sources, such as renewables or low- and high-grade heaters. With 90-degree connection positions, the MSB range is designed for corner installations to allow the most efficient use of available plant room space.

The range includes buffer vessels with capacities from 300L to 5,000L. MSB tanks from 500 to 2000 litres are also available with a single fixed heat exchange coil in the bottom of the tank.

All tanks are rated to 3 bar as standard, with options to 6 bar working pressure, and temperatures up to 95°C. Each tank is supplied with 100mm removable insulation, packed separately.

Available ancillaries include control and overheat thermostats, automatic air vents, and gauges.

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