Mental Wellbeing Policy

Adveco Ltd. / Adveco (AWP) Ltd. (Adveco / A.O. Smith Water Heaters) recognise that mental ill-health and stress are associated with many of the leading causes of disease and disability in our society. Promoting and protecting the mental wellbeing of our workforce is vital for the individuals’ physical health, social wellbeing and productivity.

We understand that many factors in the workplace influence the mental wellbeing of individual employees, teams and departments. Acknowledging and addressing the factors which affect people’s mental wellbeing at work have a wide range of benefits, both for individuals and our Company and it is something which we are deeply committed to.

Mental wellbeing in the workplace is relevant to all employees and everyone can contribute to improved mental wellbeing at work.

Addressing workplace mental wellbeing can help strengthen the positive, protective factors of employment, reduce risk factors for mental ill-health and improve general health. It can also help promote the employment of people who have experienced mental health problems and support them once they are at work.

This workplace mental wellbeing policy covers the following aspects of mental health and wellbeing:

Promoting the mental wellbeing of all staff through:

Mental health problems and stress can affect anyone, regardless of their position in the organisation. This policy applies equally to all employees. The implementation of this policy will also be supported by other health and safety policies, eg, alcohol and substance abuse.

As an employer Adveco aims to create and promote a workplace environment that supports and promotes the mental wellbeing of all employees and  acknowledge that certain working conditions and practices can negatively affect employees’ mental wellbeing, including aspects of work organisation and management, and environmental and social conditions that have the potential for psychological as well as physical harm.

Adveco’s metal and wellbeing policy aims to:

Adveco will:

As an employer Adveco recognise that people who have or have had mental health problems may have experienced discrimination in recruitment and selection procedures. This may discourage them from seeking employment. While some people will acknowledge their experience of mental health issues openly, others may fear that stigma will jeopardise their chances of getting a job. Given appropriate support, the vast majority of people who have experienced mental health problems continue to work successfully, as do many with ongoing issues.

Adveco will –

Workplace stress is a health and safety issue and Adveco acknowledges the importance of identifying and reducing potential workplace, stressors.

Adveco aims to:

Everyone has a responsibility to contribute to making the workplace mental wellbeing policy effective.

Managers have a responsibility to:

Employees have a responsibility to: