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Technical Submittals

Expanded Product Information for Applications

Technical submittal pages provide a concise list of all relevant technical data and supporting information pertaining to a select product range. Please navigate using the links below to view and download technical submittal information for your desired product range. Should you be unable to find all of the information you require, please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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Fusion Packaged Electric Water Heaters

Reduce carbon emissions by up to 70% with compact, resilient & easy-to-install packaged commercial electric water heaters 

Ardent Commercial Electric Boiler

Compact and reliable 9-100 kW electric boilers for seamless, low-carbon hot water in commercial spaces.

Solar Collectors with Drain Back

Cuts carbon emissions and offsets operating costs associated with commercial water heating

FPi32 Air Source Heat Pumps

Reduce water heating carbon emissions year round with a compact 9 kW or 13 kW monobloc Air Source Heat Pumps