Adveco Product Range

Take a quick tour of the Adveco and A.O. Smith Water Heaters product ranges available for your commercial applications...

 Combined Heat & Power 

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High Efficiency, ultra-low emission micro-cogeneration unit available with electrical outputs of 10, 20, 25 and 50 kWe.

Total efficiency up to 107.4% with up to 32.5% electrical and 75% thermal efficiencies. NOX and CO emissions lower than 10mg/Nm3

 Floor Standing Condensing Boilers 

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MD Boilers

Ultra-low emission, NOX class 6 floor standing condensing boiler range from 70 to 280 kW, with cascade options for up to 8 units.

A unique, patented 3-pass heat exchanger design constructed from a continuous run of non-welded, Titanium-stabilised stainless steel provides exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, resulting in a highly reliable central heating solution.

Stainless Steel Cylinders

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Versatile range of WRAS-approved stainless steel direct and indirect water heaters and buffer vessels from 200 to 2500 liters.
Availble with 0-2 high capacity indirect heating coils ranging from 18 - 108 kW, electric immersion options from 3 - 84 kW, and direct connection flanges.

Carbon Steel Buffer Vessels

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Wide range of carbon steel buffer vessels from 500 to 10000 liters.

Vessels from 500 - 5000 liters available with zero, one or two internal heat exchange coils. Lower coil capacities from 21 - 80 kW. Upper coil capacities from 15 - 50 kW.

Thermal Storage Tanks

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Carbon steel thermal storage tanks from 600 to 2000 liters, designed to serve combined heating and hot water applications.
All tanks feature a high capacity, corrugated stainless steel domestic hot water coil with capacities up to 175 kW, and a choice of 0-2 steel coil heat exchangers with capacities from 17 - 56 kW.

Chilled Water Tanks

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A range of carbon steel buffer vessels featuring closed-cell elastomeric foam for improved insulation and the prevention of condensation. Available from 500 to 5000 litres, the CWT range is suitable for use with central heating and cooling applications.

Packaged Plant Rooms

Adveco packaged plant room.

GRP Plant Rooms

Adveco is an experienced supplier of packaged plant rooms and GRP enclosures for a wide range of applications.
All plant rooms are custom built and delivered complete with all internal appliances and pipework connections.

Packaged Plate Heat Exchangers

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An extensive range of packaged plate heat exchangers with heat transfer capacities of 100 to 600 kW. Each package features a gasketed stainless steel heat exchanger, controls, pumps, valves, pipework and sensors pre-assembled onto a metal skid base.

Bespoke Solutions

System Control , Heat Recovery

Adveco Ltd. specialise in providing the right solution for the job at hand, and offer a versatile range of controls and ancillaries to ensure seamless integration of system components.

Bespoke solutions such as controls, waste heat recovery circuits, and automatically triggered backup systems are available upon request.