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Hot Water Cylinders

Hot Water Cylinders, Indirect Water Heaters, Calorifiers & Buffers for Commercial Buildings

Adveco provides a range of commercial-grade hot water cylinders for various DHW applications.  Indirect-fired water heaters, calorifiers and buffers are designed for projects requiring large volume storage of water at high temperatures. An additional primary heat source, such as an electric water heater or gas boiler, is needed. Working as a buffer and storing the hot water, calorifiers and buffer tanks reduce the operational demand placed on the primary heat source saving energy, reducing costs and lowering emissions.

As there is no fluid mixing during thermal transfer indirect water heaters and buffer tanks allow for heat transfer from other fluids including that used in solar thermal collectors and air source heat pumps. This unlocks multiple options for bespoke hybrid DHW application development in commercial buildings.

Adveco’s Indirect Heaters & Storage Tanks For Commercial Projects

Commercial hot water cylinders.

GLC, GLE, GLT Carbon Steel Water Tanks

  • Direct electric heating, buffer storage, indirect heating & preheat
  • 200 to 5000-litre variants
  • Tough, low-cost, carbon steel design
Adveco SSB stainless steel hot water tanks.

SSB, SSI, SST: Stainless Steel Hot Water Tanks

  • Stainless steel WRAS approved buffer vessels and calorifiers
  • Capacities from 200 to 2500 litres
  • Versatile removeable coil and direct flange options to suit the application
ATSH heating from Adveco


  • Storage capacities up to 1000 litres
  • Diverse range of single and dual coil options for hybrid applications
MST thermal storage tanks for commercial hot water and heating.

ST Storage Tanks

  • Glass lined hot water storage tanks
  • Capacities from 300 to 3,000 litres
Calorifiers and Buffers from Adveco

IT Single Coil Indirect Tanks

  • Glass lined high pressure indirect water heaters
  • Single internal fixed heating coil
  • Capacities from 300 to 3,000 litres
Calorifiers and Buffers from Adveco

ITS Dual Coil Indirect Tanks

  • Glass lined indirect and solar water heaters
  • Double internal fixed heating coils suitable for renewables

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