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L70 Air Source Heat Pump

L70 Air Source Heat Pump

The Adveco L70 is a high capacity air-to-water monobloc heat pump designed to provide high temperature hybrid domestic hot water (DHW) and heating.

Rated 70kW for typical UK operation at 5°C but climbing to a maximum 90 kW from a single compact unit, the L70 is perfect for large scale commercial applications and can operate as part of a cascade installation for projects demanding greater capacity.

Features & Key Technologies

Designed for the UK Climate

The L70 has undergone a full environmental assessment to ensure optimum efficiency is delivered across the UK’s varied seasonal climate.

Operating within the Average European Temperature Zone established under Ecodesign (lowest reference design temperature of -10°C) the L70’s seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) is a highly efficient 3.39 (measured at 35°C flow temperature). For Southern & Western regions of the UK which match the Ecodesign Warmer Temperature Zone (lowest reference design temperature of 2°C) efficiencies improve with a SCOP of up to 4.08.

Cut CO₂ Emissions from Hot Water & Heating

Using an evaporator and internal compressor to extract usable heat from the air, the Adveco L70 transfers energy through a refrigerant circuit into a building as a low carbon source of DHW and heating, minimising environmental impact and increasing overall energy efficiency.

The L70 can deliver flow temperatures up to 60°C, providing 55°C preheat for hybrid applications that combine buffer vessels with plate heat exchangers, calorifiers, gas-fired boilers or direct-electric water heating to provide essential additional heat to meet year-round commercial requirements.

The L70 will dramatically lower CO₂ when analysed using the carbon intensity figures from the new SAP10. Compared to gas systems, the carbon emissions are reduced by around 70% when using the L70’s seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) of 3.47 (measured at 55°C flow temperature for the Ecodesign warm European temperature zone with a reference design temperature of 2°C).

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Technical Specifications & Downloads

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L70 @ W35/A7
L70 @ W35/A2
L70 @ W35/A-7
L70 @ W35/A-10
Electrical Input kW
Seasonal Space Heating Energy Efficiency (ηs)
@ Water 35C Average Conditions
@ Water 55C Average Conditions
@ Water 35C Warmer Conditions
@ Water 55C Warmer Conditions
Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP)
@ Water 35C Average Conditions
@ Water 55C Average Conditions
@ Water 35C Warmer Conditions
@ Water 55C Warmer Conditions
Maximum Working Temperature Range
Ambient Air
Water Side
-20 to +35C
25 to 65C

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