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MD Floor Standing Boilers

Adveco MD Floor Standing 70-280 kW Boilers

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The Adveco MD range of high efficiency condensing boilers are designed to provide a high capacity and reliable solution to a building’s central heating demand.

Manufactured by our European partner with over 50 years of experience in boiler production, the MD range consists of four floor standing condensing boilers with heat outputs from 70 to 280 kW. Each boiler features one to four high-quality heat exchangers constructed from a continuous, non-welded run of titanium-stabilised stainless steel. This provides exceptional durability, strength and corrosion resistance, as well as a level of in-built redundancy for all units from 140 kW and above. The brand-exclusive heat exchanger features a 3 pass design with large bore, circular tube cross sections that reduce the collection of debris.

MD floor standing boilers.

With an efficient pre-mix burner and low NOX and CO emissions, the MD range is an eco-friendly solution to serve a central heating system. The units additionally feature a high modulation ratio to ensure maximum efficiency even during periods of low demand.

The Adveco MD range features an inbuilt controller with LCD display that ensures full temperature control, plus cascade control for up to 8 units and a maintenance self-check of primary components and functions, 0-10 input, MODBUS communication and alarm output.

The Adveco MD range is also compatible with proposed 20% hydrogen blends in natural gas networks, offering a transitional route to a more decarbonised energy without requiring physical alteration to the appliance or building.

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Features and Key Technologies

  • Extremely high quality AISI 316Ti heat exchangers with 5 year warranty ensures lasting reliability and efficiency
  • Built-in redundancy due to multiple heat engines for MD 140T, 210T, and 280T
  • High efficiency pre-mix burner with 5-year warranty provides large modulation range
  • Compact floor standing arrangement
  • High maximum run pressure up to 11 bar
  • Low emissions, NOX class 6 appliance
  • Available for natural gas or LPG
  • Acid condensate neutraliser included
  • Flue gas non-return valve for overpressure cascade flue systems
  • Standard flue systems using low cost 110-160mm diameter PP

Ancillaries and Related System Components

Download the MD Range brochure

Revised for 2020, the Adveco MD brochure provides you with a quick and easy reference guide to this range of compact and highly efficient, floor-standing and wall-mounted condensing gas boilers.

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