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EES Electric Water Heater

EES Electric Water Heater

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A.O.Smith’s EES is a range of six vertical form factor, extremely compact commercial electric water heaters. Available with capacities ranging up to 450 litres, EES is prefect for new-build low-carbon light commercial DHW applications and refurbishment projects seeking to reduce reliance on gas.

Features & Key Technologies


EES electric water heaters offer a range of choices, with each of the two replaceable elements provided with an independent control thermostat for adjustable heating capacities from 43 – 77°C. An automatic switch regulates the elements to transfer a maximum of 3 kW.

Water capacities start at 115 litres, going up to 450 litres with a maximum of 8 bar supply pressure. The regulating thermostat will switch on the electric supply, automatically. The electric circuit will be shut and heat supplied to the water, whenever the temperature is inferior to the demanded one. The electric circuit will be interrupted again, at the moment the demanded temperature will be reached.

EES commercial electric water heaters also come with a replaceable magnesium anode for easy maintenance, while secondary protection is provided by a high-limit thermostat with manual re-set button and safety float switch.

Ideal Uses & Applications

  1. Light commercial/communal residential DHW
  2. Electric only applications
  3. Gas replacement and low carbon new builds

Additional Information

  1. Thermostat controls automatically regulate electric supply
  2. Anodes should be inspected on an annual basis
  3. Never put the heater into operation with the cold water supply turned off

Technical Specifications & Downloads

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