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AD Commercial Water Heater

AD Commercial Water Heater

The Adveco AD commercial water heater range sets a new benchmark for commercial modulating condensing gas water heaters. Sleekly designed with a patented compact floor-standing arrangement, the AD is equally applicable to both new projects or renovation work where a lack of space would traditionally stall or quickly drive up costs of a project.

The Adveco AD range is also compatible with proposed 20% hydrogen blends in natural gas networks offering a transitional route to a more decarbonised energy without requiring physical alteration to the appliance or building.

WRAS approved product
TFM - Tomorrow's Facilities Management Awards 2022 - Finalist.

The Adveco AD Water Heater Range has been named as a finalist in the commercial product of the year categories in the 2022 Heating & Ventilation Review Awards. Heating & Ventilation News 2022 & the 2022 Tomorrow’s Facilities Management Awards.

Features & Key Technologies


With each water heater composed of one to four 70kW heat exchangers, the AD range offers appliances from 70kW up to 280kW which can be configured to operate in a cascade of up to eight water heaters.

The titanium-stabilised stainless-steel construction of the AD range’s heat exchangers is the perfect response to counter corrosion typically seen in high-pressure circuits in soft, or softened water applications.

This makes the Adveco AD a powerful choice for the most demanding semi-instantaneous hot water applications such as those found in sports and leisure centres, hotels, spas, schools, stadia, and large commercial buildings.

The AD regulates the correct water flow in accordance with inlet water hardness. Controlling the speed of the inlet water inside the heat exchanger allows the AD to automatically optimise the supplied output (up to 160 litres/minute) from the heat exchangers ensuring maximum efficiency when providing hot water.

Models with multiple integrated heat exchangers offer load balancing for optimal long-life operation and inbuilt redundancy guaranteeing continuity of service. Their titanium-stabilised stainless-steel construction makes the heat exchangers highly resilient; this enables direct contact with chlorinated mains water and use in naturally soft water areas where the corrosive nature of mains water can rapidly damage other water heaters.

Tough and efficient, the AD commercial water heater is equipped with a premix burner made of Fecralloy metal fibre for a high modulation ratio for excellent functionality at extremely high temperatures whilst also offering maximum efficiency even during periods of low demand. Using a pre-mix burner ensures the AD requires less gas, making it more cost-effective, plus reducing harmful NOₓ and CO emissions making the AD range a more eco-friendly choice.

The Adveco AD commercial water heater range features an inbuilt controller with LCD display that ensures full temperature control, plus cascade control for up to 8 units and a maintenance self-check of primary components and functions, 0-10 input, MODBUS communication and alarm output for seamless system integration.

Download the AD Range brochure

The Adveco AD brochure provides you with a quick and easy reference guide to this range of compact and highly efficient, floor-standing condensing gas water heaters.

Technical Specifications & Downloads

AD Water Heater tabs


AD 70T
AD 140T
AD 210T
AD 280T
Gross Heat Input (min/max) kW
16.3 / 77.6
16.3 / 155.4
16.3 / 233.1
16.3 / 310.8
Heat Output (min/max) kW
15.6 / 74.0
15.6 / 148.0
15.6 /222.0
15.6 / 296.0
DHW Recovery (ΔT 50°C) l/h
Dimensions H x W x D
1180 x 600 x 945
1180 x 600 x 945
1880 x 600 x 896
1880 x 600 x 896
NOX mg/kWh GCV
CO ppm

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Adveco Product Guide 2023 - Hot water, heating, renewables, pre-packaged plant rooms for bespoke commercial projects

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