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Live Hot Water Metering

Live Hot Water Metering for Commercial Building Projects

Data gathering, sizing and bespoke system recommendation for commercial properties intending to replace legacy gas systems.

Live hot water metering supplies business-critical information to create more sustainable applications that are optimised to meet all hot water storage and delivery demands. All while critically operating within the capability of the existing electrical supply of the building for the most cost-effective transition and insight into future operations


Theoretical design day (Average Day + Uprated Peak Demand)

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Live Hot Water Metering requires an Adveco engineer to visit your site and install a water meter to provide hot water temperature monitoring for verified water data and comment on the risk of the existing system.

  • Adveco will return within the month to collect the meter. During these visits, we can confirm space and clearances, and installation suitability, and once we have analysed the data give a truly accurate sizing and emissions/costs calculation.

Through discussion we will aim to answer these questions:

  • Is the new hot water system going to be gas-fired, or electric?
  • Will the new system have a renewable source?
  • If so, will it be ASHP or solar thermal?
  • What level of redundancy or backup is required?
  • The metering data will then allow us to select the hot water system power, the tank sizes, and the renewable size.

Adveco can then advise on a new hot water system which meets the demands of a building while increasing efficiency, lowering carbon emissions, and managing costs.

Running costs will be determined by hot water use and energy prices rather than the size of the water heater. By moving from gas to electric price per kW will currently increase and should be factored into sustainability strategies. 

However, the building’s electrical supply will define the system’s capability. If greater amperage than what is currently available is required by the project then initial costs can be expected to soar.

For this reason, factual data recorded during metering is critical for optimising application design so that energy input and water storage meet actual demands, and so that organisations can calculate future operational costs and carbon savings.

Report Data

  • – Building type and occupancy
  • – Current system & performance
  • – Hot water provision
  • – Plant room or systems assessed for restraints
  • – Record of any non-regular events that may impact demands during testing
  • – Typical daily/weekly water usage trends and tasks requiring hot water (occurrences, quantities & times)
  • – Current Gas & electricity prices

Metered data

  • – Average daily usage in litres
  • – Max daily usage in litres
  • – Measured peak period in 6 /18/ 30/60/120/180-minute intervals to enable easy percentile calculation as needed
  • – Measured peak demand (date & time of occurrence). All the data collected is used to find the absolute biggest peaks in each of the time periods and plot them graphically and the 30-minute data on either side to give context.

Interpretation and Recommendations

  • – Design Cold feed temperature
  • – Theoretical design day hot water consumption & number of peaks. Theoretical Design is created from the average data being overlayed alongside the peak graphs. Each data point is chosen based on each maximum from either the peak or average. Demand uprate presented as a percentile for the system to be sufficient to provide hot water for the building.
  • – Demand margin uprated with design storage and power required to support the selected system

System recommendations include:

    • – Design percentage at 120% to allow for assured hot water provision, especially during peak operation
    • – kW of the system
    • – Storage size in litres
    • – Supply temperature °C
    • – Storage Temperature °C
    • – Design cold feed °C
    • – Performance overview
    • – Peak periods the system will cover and performance over the peaks
    • – Estimated yearly consumption in litres, enabling estimation of yearly kWh, carbon emissions (kg) and estimated annual running costs.

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