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Case Study: First Response

Requiring a bespoke approach to each and every site, Adveco works closely with London Fire Brigade

London Fire Brigade

London Fire Brigade is one of the largest firefighting and rescue organisations in the world, it is also the busiest of all the fire services in the United Kingdom. Since its formal existence began in 1866, its work has grown exponentially, receiving more than 170,000 emergency calls each year, approximately 20,000 of which relate to fires across the Greater London region.

In addition to the role of firefighting, the Brigade provides home fire safety visits and responds to a range of emergency scenarios from flooding, road traffic accidents and major incidents, and animal rescues. It is also a statutory consultee as part of the building regulations process for fire safety design.


To support these and many other activities, the Brigade employs more than 5,000 operational firefighters based out of more than 100 stations. Those stations range from new, modern, purpose-built sites to listed buildings constructed more than a century ago. Despite the variety of buildings all have an operational need for 24/7 hot water and heating to support the shift-based crews. London Fire Brigade, therefore, needs access to a range of products and services to support varied legacy systems as well as new projects throughout Greater London.


Requiring a bespoke approach to each and every site, Adveco works closely with London Fire Brigade, providing initial site review and system design, which can incorporate A.O. Smith water heaters, or appliances from its own range of boilers for heating. Projects in the past five years have seen new installations completed in more than 50 stations and the work continues today.


Adveco is very proud to be able to continue to support the capital’s firefighters by helping to create comfortable, efficient, functional, safe and sustainable stations through the design, supply, commissioning and service of business-critical hot water and heating.


First Response MD Boiler Adveco
First Response MD Boiler Adveco