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Presenting the new Adveco Packaged Plate Heat Exchangers!

Adveco Ltd. is proud to introduce the all-new PPN and PPS ranges of Packaged Plate Heat Exchangers from 100 to 600 kW for use with domestic hot water systems.

Delivered as a compact pre-assembled skid system, the PPN and PPS ranges reduce the amount of on-site labour time necessary for the installation of a plate heat exchanger arrangement and can be installed to make effective use of limited plantroom space. Each system features a high quality, EPDM-gasketed plate heat exchanger constructed from single-wall stainless steel, mounted onto a metal skid base alongside a control panel, primary pump, valves, and all interconnecting pipework. The Adveco PPS range additionally includes a hot water cylinder installed on the secondary side of the plate, as well as a shunt pump and all additional pipework to the cylinder.

  1. Adveco PPN: Packaged Plate Instantaneous
    Designed to provide instantaneous hot water on demand
  2. Adveco PPS: Packaged Plate Semi-Storage
    Designed as a hot water storage system featuring an integrated buffer vessel and shunt pump

The use of a 4-port valve provides the PPN and PPS ranges a high level of temperature control, and the integrated primary pump is sized to overcome any loss in pressure from flow through the heat exchanger unit. All components are connected to and controlled by a pre-wired control panel with LED display, enabling simple temperature and set-point controls.

The Adveco PPN and PPS ranges are available from 100 to 600 kW heat transfer duties at 80°/60° flow and return temperatures, and are available with either single- or twin-head primary pumps. All systems are WRAS approved and are suitable for use with systems up to 6 bar and 95°C.

For more information or to discuss whether the PPN or PPS ranges are correct for your application, please contact the Adveco sales team or continue reading on the Adveco PPN and PPS product page.