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Commercial Water Heating

FPi32 Air Source Heat Pump Range

Adveco FPi32 Air Source Heat Pumps

The Adveco FPi-32 range of 9kW & 13kW Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) delivers an easy to install method for commercial sites to achieve lower cost water heating or cooling.

Introduced in partnership with Cosmogas, boasting more than 50 years of experience in commercial heating production, the FPi32 range consists of two variants, the FPi32-9 and FPi32-13, providing excellent levels of performance, especially throughout the UK’s relatively mild winters. With sleek looks and quiet operation, the compact monobloc design is capable of providing domestic hot water (DHW) at up to 55°C, or cool water to -7°C for use in fan coils.

Because ASHPs, such as the FPi32, absorb heat from the air, the technology is an excellent method for reducing carbon emissions across a commercial site.

So long as the outside air temperature is above -25°C heat can be drawn out of the surrounding air to be transferred to a building’s heating circuit. The UK’s relatively mild winter temperatures help ensure a properly installed FPi32 ASHP system can achieve excellent levels of efficiency and performance throughout the year.

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Coefficient of Performance (COP)

A commercial property’s energy consumption is a key factor to consider when choosing system equipment. For an ASHP the “efficiency” is calculated as the ratio between the electricity invested in order to run the ASHP and heat transferred from the evaporator to the condenser. This is known as the coefficient of performance (COP).

The FPi32 range offers an above average system COP of as much as 4.03 for the 9kW and 3.89 for the 13kW variant.

This COP can also be influenced by other factors including the energy needs and energy efficiency of a property, as well as the quality of hot water and heating system installation and set up.

Due to instantaneous ASHP performance varying with external temperature and heating flow temperature minimum and maximum COP provide an indication of seasonal variation, which ranges from 1.5 to a very high 4.7.

Ancillaries and Related System Components

Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP).

Features and Key Technologies

  • Compact monobloc design
  • Easy installation & set up with intuitive controls
  • Advanced Vector Control technology for accurate response to variable demands
  • Highly efficient with above average coefficient of performance (COP) as high as 4.7
  • Easy to maintain with frost protection as standard • Quiet 56dB operation

Adveco FPi32 Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps

Introducing the FPi range of commercial Air Source Heat Pumps for heating, cooling and the provision of preheat in domestic hot water applications. FPi can be supplied as a part of a bespoke hybrid, or all-electric system, as well as an element of a prefabricated plant room system, delivered to your location ready for rapid installation and commissioning.


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Min/Max Heating Capacity (1) kW
Min/Max. Heating Capacity (2) kW
COP min./max. (1)
4.02 / 4.65
3.89 / 4.77
COP min./max. (2)
3.12 / 3.55
2.97 / 3.28
Circuit max. pressure (bar)
Rated water flow (L/s)
Noise Level (dB(A))
Dimensions H x W x D
753 x 934 x 354
1195 x 1123 x 400
Weight kg
(1) Heating condition: Water in/out temperature 30°C/35°C. Ambient temperature DB/WB 7/6°C.
(2) Heating condition: Water in/out temperature 40°C/45°C. Ambient temperature DB/WB 7/6°C.

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Adveco FPi Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) range.

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Design, supply and support for commercial hot water, heating and low carbon applications