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Alexandra House care CHP

Adveco Ltd. has supplied a TOTEM T20 m-CHP appliance to the new Alexandra House care home in Parkstone, Poole, Dorset, as part of a complete heating and hot water system designed by Nicholas Villareal of McCarthy Bainbridge Ltd..

The Adveco TOTEM T20 m-CHP provides Alexandra House with a high efficiency, low-carbon and low-NOX source of heating and hot water.

The high-efficiency, ultra-low NO­­X combined heat and power unit will allow the building to satisfy the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations in addition to providing a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution to meeting their year-round heating and hot water demands.

Installed by Holton Plumbing Services Ltd., the Adveco T20 CHP will work in conjunction with a custom-built Adveco MSS 2500-litre buffer vessel, as well as a cascade of two AO Smith Upsilon 110 boilers and two AO Smith IT500 indirect calorifiers.  Supplied as a complete package, alongside ancillaries and backup heating components via electric immersion elements, Adveco Ltd. have supplied Alexandra House with a complete, bespoke heating and hot water solution featuring some of the highest quality products and renewable technologies on the U.K. market.

The new Alexandra House, operated by Care South, is a 2-storey, 58-room residential care and nursing home designed to offer high standards of communal accommodation for the elderly, including dementia and nursing care.  The new building, situated on the site of the previous Alexandra House, uses traditional building materials to minimise its environmental impact and incorporates special features such as themed lounges and a secure, sensory garden.

A pair of A.O. Smith IT 500 indirect calorifiers supplied to Alexandra House by Adveco.

The Adveco TOTEM CHP is the first in a new generation of microcogenerators, featuring market-leading efficiencies and the lowest NOX and CO2 emissions available from any CHP within its class.  Incorporating a 1.4-litre Fiat Fire engine, sourced directly from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and an ECU supplied and tuned by automotive experts Magneti Marelli, the TOTEM achieves unparalleled cogeneration quality and reliability.  TOTEM is leading the way in environmentally-conscious building design with NOX emissions at <12 mg/kWh, 95% lower than the 2018 Ecodesign standards for clean CHP at 240 mg/kWh.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP), or cogeneration, is the simultaneous production of thermal and electrical energy from a single source of fuel, and is an effective method of significantly increasing the energy efficiency of a building.  Producing electricity by connecting an engine to a generator at the point of consumption can achieve similar levels of generation efficiency to that of a conventional power plant, while also completely eliminating the energy losses associated with transmitting power over long distances.  The waste heat produced in the process is additionally recovered through a series of heat exchangers and used towards the thermal energy demands of the building, ensuring that minimal fuel energy is lost as exhaust.

Care homes, like all residential applications, typically exhibit a continuous electrical demand alongside a significant, but varied, hot water and heating usage pattern.  By sizing a CHP unit to meet the thermal energy requirements – knowing that there will always be an electrical demand to make use of the produced power – allows the machine to maximise its contribution to a building’s overall efficiency.  In the case of Alexandra House, the most effective design was that of a boiler return preheat system.

The TOTEM T20 CHP at Alexandra House is connected to a bespoke buffer vessel to store its thermal energy, which in turn connects to the boilers and central heating system.  This additionally provides domestic hot water through the use of duplex indirect calorifiers, each incorporating an immersion heater to provide a separate heat source for further redundancy.  A correctly sized thermal store allows the CHP to run for extended periods of time while it heats up – all the while providing low carbon power to the building – ready to cover periods of peak usage.  With the bulk of the required energy coming from the CHP, the boilers are only used to top-up the temperature or cover periods of off-peak demand while the thermal store is recharging.

A well designed and reliable heating and hot water system is paramount to care homes, where the comfort and wellbeing of residents often requires above average levels of heating year round.  In addition to its market-leading efficiencies, the TOTEM CHP offers improved reliability through features such as a self-change oil system to reduce its maintenance demand and extend engine lifetime.  The TOTEM has also been designed as a fully serviceable appliance that can be repaired and overhauled on-site with minimal effort to ensure operation is resumed promptly.

The design of the hot water and heating system at Alexandra House is projected to achieve over 7,100 CHP operating hours per year, resulting in annual carbon reductions in excess of 44.5 tonnes and providing energy savings, inclusive of CHP maintenance costs, of £7,500.00 per year.

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