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Solar Thermal For Education Buildings

Solar thermal collectors for school hot water

As the education sector is challenged to reduce energy demands to cut carbon emissions as well as trying to balance climbing operating costs, Adveco considers the advantages of adopting solar thermal for educational buildings as a means to meet more sustainable and cost-effective hot water requirements. Capable of offsetting typically around 30% of the energy … Read more

Making A Sustainable Resolution For Public Sector Buildings

Fusion electric hot water system with heat pump cylinder and electric boiler

Net zero is an immense challenge for the public sector, making 2024 an important starting point for a new sustainable resolution… Where do you start with sustainability? If this was an ideal world, we would know exactly what to do and all be producing absolutely zero emissions from all of our activities. But this is … Read more

IAQ in Commercial Buildings

mould, virus and dust particles IAQ

Given that most of us typically spend up to 90% of our time inside buildings, indoor air quality (IAQ) is a serious consideration, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of the people who occupy it. Poor IAQ can have several negative health effects, including respiratory problems, headaches, fatigue, and allergies. It can … Read more

Public Sector Decarbonisation Latest Funding Phase

zero carbon footprint for the public sector

The UK Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) is a government-funded program designed to support the UK’s net zero emissions target by 2050 by providing grants to public sector bodies to help them decarbonise their buildings. This is important as most of the buildings in the public sector still rely on burning fossil fuels for heating, … Read more

All Electric ? Sustainability & Water Heating Pt.3

All electric banner

In this three-part series, Adveco has so far addressed the role of air source heat pumps and solar thermal as a source of low carbon preheat, in this final part, we consider the future of gas and the adaptation to all electric applications for implementing more sustainable hot water in commercial buildings.   Read Part 1 … Read more

Sustainability & Water Heating

Sustainability water heating part 1 banner

In this three-part series on sustainability & water heating, Adveco considers the choices available to commercial organisations that wish to advance decarbonisation strategies in their buildings through the implementation of more sustainable hot water.   In this first part we consider some of the basic constraints of designing water heating applications, the technology available and … Read more

Replacing School Hot Water Systems, Do Your Homework

hot water refurbishment in schools

The most consistent issue we see in when replacing school hot water systems is oversizing, whether through a lack of understanding of application design or concerns over providing suitable backup to ensure system continuity. The result of oversizing is however always the same, unnecessary capital costs for system supply and installation. As schools plan to … Read more

Noise Pollution – What You Need To Hear

noise pollution

Noise pollution is a serious problem that can cause a variety of health problems and also be damaging to the wider environment. As such, its prevention will be a consideration for any design & build project in the commercial sector. Noise management is a complex issue and at times requires complex solutions. Unlike air quality, … Read more