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Adveco Packaged Plant Room swings into place

Accommodating a modern commercial hot water system

Provisioning a modern, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable business critical hot water and heating system is not necessarily straight forward for some sites. They may be limited in terms of existing plant room space, or in the case of much older buildings, have no dedicated plant room space at all. Other sites may face limitations in …

Bootham School Adveco mCHP exterior

Adveco TOTEM mCHP, a Lesson in Reduced Energy Cost and Lower Emissions

Bootham School selects Adveco TOTEM m-CHP based system for heating and domestic hot water System design modelling accurately predicts operational costs and payback period Savings of approximately £37,000 per annum Bootham School in York, a charitably run independent boarding school, has selected a TOTEM micro-cogeneration (m-CHP) based system from commercial heating and hot water specialist, …