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SSI – True Versatility for Bespoke Commercial DHW systems

A commercial indirect calorifier is characterised by not having an integral burner, instead, they typically contain a single, high-output internal heat exchange coil situated at low level which heats water circulated over it. The fluid in the coil (which is immersed in the water within the vessel) is filled by heated liquid provided by a separate appliance – typically a gas boiler, heat pump or solar collector. The heat is then exchanged from the coil into the vessel, hence indirectly heated.

Without a directly connected gas supply, and therefore no need for a flue, an indirect calorifier is simpler to install as part of a wider heating and hot water system. The insulated storage tank retains energy longer, permitting hot water production year-round in greater quantities and at a reasonable cost.

The indirect calorifier that is also a direct heating appliance

Designed specifically to serve domestic hot water (DHW) installations, the Adveco Stainless Steel Indirect (SSI) range is available in a range of tank sizes, with a plethora of options since it can be specified or upgraded at any time with a range of coil options. Because access to the SSI’s coil is made easy for upgrading purposes, it is also highly accessible for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Unlike most similar vessels on the market, the highly modular SSI range also incorporates the option to add an electric immersion heater. With a broad selection of immersions available, the SSI can be turned into a direct heating appliance, perfect for cost-effectively building redundancy into a system that could otherwise be reliant on continuous gas supply.

Commercial installations where heat is already being generated, such as light industry, leisure sites and hospitals are perfect locations for the use of an indirect calorifier. If an application has modern boilers deployed, such as Adveco’s MD floor standing boilers and MD wall mounted boilers, they can then be harnessed for both the heating circuit and the DHW system, so no need for a dedicated boiler to heat the calorifier, but the boiler does need to be operating year-round.

In the summer when the space heating is not needed, all of the heat is used for hot water preparation. During the winter, when the indirect water heater is used for the heating, only a small fraction of the heat is used for DHW.

There are system advantages to this approach as continuous use of the boiler for DHW helps prevent costly deterioration which can occur if a boiler is idle for long periods of time. At Adveco, we can advise on the best options for your application, sizing the system and recommending optimal appliances to meet your building’s DHW demands. The Adveco SSI’s wide range of options lends itself perfectly to the development of bespoke systems and means we can deliver the most relevant, efficient and therefore cost-effective solution to meet your particular needs for commercial hot water.

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