Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Seminars

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a term used to describe the improvement and refinement of one’s academic and practical qualifications within a professional field, to ensure that relevant skills are kept up-to-date with the latest industry developments and standards, as well as offering avenues for further education and development within a sector.

As a provider of heating and hot water technologies, Adveco Ltd. are proud to have a commitment towards the continued growth of knowledge and experience of professionals in the energy and sustainability sector. To aid in this responsibility, Adveco Ltd. are accredited with CIBSE for the provision of CPD seminars and are pleased to be able to offer the below training courses designed to contribute towards an individuals’ CIBSE CPD requirement:

Introduction to Micro-cogeneration Combined Heat and Power Systems

This CPD course has been prepared for a target audience including mechanical, building services, H&V and public health engineers, plus building regulations and BREEAM assessors.

The seminar introduces the concept of CHP and identifies the main components of the machine. It focuses on the value of CHP for the designer and assessor in achieving Part L and BREEAM points, as well as making an end-user business case for the technology. It identifies ways in which the new generation of micro-cogenerators available have improved upon old technology by increasing efficiency and decreasing harmful emissions. The seminar examines the correct use and application of CHP in systems to encourage long run hours, optimum control, and full system (CHP/HWS/Boiler) integration.

All Adveco CPD seminars are free to attend. Catering expenses can be covered by Adveco Ltd. upon request. All courses are inclusive of a 45-minute presentation given by an experienced speaker, plus additional time for follow-up questions and answers, however can be customised upon request to fit a specific time allocation. Courses are available on-location at client premises, or as full or half-day seminars conducted at the Adveco Ltd. head office in Farnborough, Hampshire, where a working m-CHP unit is installed for demonstrative purposes

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