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February, 2017 | Adveco Ltd.

Air Quality and Decentralised Electricity Policies

Environmental goals can be achieved with good product choice. The new Totem range of Combined Heat and Power units have NOx emissions of less than 10mg/kWh. This is less than 5% of the average NOx emission rate associated with the production of UK electricity and about 1/3 that of the cleanest condensing boilers available. The …

TOTEM: NOx Emissions and Decentralised Energy Production

The Adveco TOTEM features in the October issue of the Building Services & Environmental Engineer (BSEE) Journal on the topic of NOX emissions and decentralised energy schemes. With ultra-low emissions, the Totem is the ideal technology to alleviate the main impact of decentralised energy while additionally contributing to reducing national pollution levels. Decentralised energy is …

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Totem: CIBSE Energy Saving Product of the Year Shortlist

January 2015 saw the initial entry of the Adveco Totem range of high efficiency micro-congenerators onto the U.K. market. With ultra-low NOX emissions and an overall efficiency up to 107.4%, the Totem was one of the first in a new generation of commercial Combined Heat and Power products in the U.K. and has delivered market-leading …

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