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MST: A Single Thermal Storage Response for Hot Water & Heating

When specifying a system capable of delivering a large output of instantaneous hot potable water as well as heating, the Adveco MST range of tanks provides a series of standard vessels up to 2000 litres capacity that can address both needs without the requirement for additional thermal storage vessels.

Adveco’s MST tanks are designed for systems to take advantage of both low and high grade heat sources, or varying return temperatures. Once an application is specified, the range offers the inclusion of single or multiple heating coils in addition to the dedicated high-recovery domestic hot water (DHW) coil, meaning the MST carbon steel thermal storage vessel can accommodate almost any heating application, including glycol-filled renewable systems such as heat pumps or solar installations.

The MST from Adveco is a versatile, and space saving addition to any commercial hot water and heating system.