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Time To Address Oversized Hot Water Systems

Creating optimised hot water systems is potentially a crucial element of a commercial building project. Unfortunately, what we see far too often are projects that have been oversized, leading to higher outlay costs from demands for more space, install costs, bigger gas pipe and so on.

Oversizing inherently comes from a lack of understanding of different types of domestic hot water systems (DHW), how they fit in the design software and the way that fluctuating demand for hot water impacts these systems at peak. When faced with DHW systems that have too many variables and decisions on diversity, sizing programmes will oversize to prevent the perceived hot water system problem.

When sizing a water system, adjustments need to be made for dynamic and static storage, and a thorough comprehension of peak periods is needed for accuracy. At Adveco, we have designed and supplied systems at both ends of the spectrum, from intense peak/all storage, to continuous demand/all burner power. From our perspective, all commercial sizing is carried out with a 60C supply and 10C designed incoming cold mains temperature. At 60C this delivers temperatures optimised for commercial supply, storage and cleaning.

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